7 Simple Ways To Boost Your Facebook Page


If you already have a Facebook Page set up and haven’t been happy with the amount of fans your posts have been reaching, then you need to be aware of Facebook’s news feed algorithm (formerly EdgeRank).

Long gone are the days where someone simply “liked” your page and then received each of your well thought out posts on their timeline.

You see, Facebook’s algorithm tracks how your fans engage (likes, clicks, comments, shares) with your posts and then calculates the likely interest of your future posts to your fans.  Put simply, if someone rarely engages with your posts then that person will rarely see your future posts!

On average, only 16% of your fans will actually see one of your posts and what is Facebook’s advice to get a better reach? – pay for it!  (source).

Facebook say they do this to stop people’s timeline becoming cluttered while others claim it is obviously to pay for their posts to be seen. Either way it’s tough and it’s going to get tougher and Facebook have even admitted it (source).

So, what can you do?


Well, you can either simply pay for your posts to reach more of your fans (I cover this more in this article) or you can focus on increasing your “rank” with Facebook’s algorithm.

I spend hours (too many hours probably) researching exactly what works and what doesn’t work to get your business seen on-line and these are my 7 tips to get your Facebook Posts seen by more of your followers.


1. Post frequently and make it compelling

A lot of companies create a Facebook business page, add their “About Us” sections, maybe a cover image, a post or two and then . . . stop posting. They’ll throw an image out there when they have a sale going on or something for holiday specials but that’s about it. People don’t want to see only these kinds of posts, they want you to be communicative and human!

Try to post at least twice a day – if not more (and make sure you post when most of your fans are on-line – see tip #7)


2. The type of content does matter

You can’t just cram price tags down everyone’s throats. Seeing this kind of corporate advertisement will make people turn their heads from your profile and your business. It’s important that you post relevant and engaging content that opens up a dialogue between you and the readers. This might sound like an easy task but once you start posting two or three times a day it can feel daunting. Just keep this in mind; Don’t get lazy with the content! Don’t shove advertising in people’s throats. Just talk about your industry. Talk about your location, educate people, talk to the people who are potential customers, and every once in awhile just post a positive quote, a client testimonial, some form of interesting, useful information and have fun!

haggis post
the infamous DGWGO Haggis post reached an amazing 257,000 people!


Not only will your readers appreciate this friendly approach but your reach will rise because of the positive reception these kinds of posts receive. You’ll be part of the community and not simply another business trying to hard sell them.


3. Length can affect your reach

No matter what industry you are in, very few of your followers are going to want to read a large essay that you put out on your news-feed; Quick snippets of information are better or a compelling headline that links to the essay are even better. If it’s on Facebook they are likely scrolling down and checking out all their updates. They don’t want to stop and just read no matter how engaging the content might be. Do yourself a favour and just link to that essay or a landing page that continues the story you want them to read but initially keep it short and sweet. If it’s under 100 characters then you can be sure that everyone is going to read it because, why wouldn’t they? This will also cause your reach to increase due to the popularity of the post and it’ll make it easier for you to post frequent updates.


4. Images are your Friend

Posts that are only comprised of text might be easier but they also look easier. If you post photos or videos you’ll get much more attention than just another text post. Plus, research has shown that images will generate 53% more like than the average post (source) by anyone who observed them. This also gets your reach up further so next time you’re about to make a post look at what you’re saying and see if you can say it with an image instead.


5. Use call to action posts

A call to action might take some thought but it sure can get your readers engaged. Whether they are just filling out a survey, talking about a product or check out a sale, if you request that the reader do something they’ll often want to do it. This means posting a question or a stance on something relevant to your industry. Then have them “like it to agree” or share it to “disagree” you can also just have them debate it in the comments with you and other customers. It’s a great way to raise your reach and open up a dialogue with your readers.


6. Make sure your page is worth their time

I don’t mean with fancy posts about just any old offer, I mean with exclusive content. This means give them specials only available on Facebook, give them discounts only available online, and give them interviews and other content only available online. That way they have a reason to continually come and check out your page. The increased in frequent visitors will help you raise your reach on Facebook.


7. Analyse your followers and post for their convenience

If your followers are primarily online in the early morning, post then so they can see your updates. If they are up at night or working late, then post late so they can read your posts right when they get home. (this article covers the new Facebook Insights and will show you how to find when most of your followers are online) Timing does matter but luckily you have access to a number of metrics that measure your Facebook traffic; check them out and make sure you post the right content at the right time so each of the demographics that comprise your readers can enjoy them.

so what time would you post?


Running a business can be challenging but if you take proper care of your social media profiles and online marketing you’ll be able to achieve more business, and for an affordable rate. Give it a shot and see just how an increased EdgeRank can help build your fan base and maximize your bottom line.

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Good Luck!

Derek Pennycook


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