SOSE & Civtech Programme Team Up With Innovative Partnership Agreement

A new strategic partnership has been agreed between South of Scotland Enterprise and the CivTech programme which aims to provide innovative solutions and positive change in the region.


In a first for a Scottish enterprise agency, SOSE has agreed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Scottish Government’s CivTech programme, which looks to drive innovation in the public sector by collaboratively solving problems to make people’s lives better.


SOSE is already working with the programme by co-sponsoring two CivTech Challenges, which provides innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups or established businesses an unprecedented route to develop products the public sector needs.


The first is a partnership between SOSE, John Muir Trust, the Langholm Initiative community development trust and Southern Uplands Partnership aiming to discover how technology can help landowners better understand the potential for carbon storage on and inform land-use decisions.


The second is a partnership with SOSE and social enterprise Care Training Consortium, which aims to discover if trainers can assess the skills and practice competence of learners, using remote and online services.


The new agreement will look to strengthen the relationship between SOSE and CivTech, and help deliver real positive change within the South.


Jane Morrison-Ross, SOSE’s Chief Executive, said:


“This new partnership with CivTech will aim to provide inclusive opportunities for community groups, third sector and public sector organisations across the South of Scotland to access innovation, or indeed create innovative solutions.
“This agreement reinforces SOSE’s commitment to innovation, NetZero and digital development, all of which are key priorities which we want the South of Scotland to be leading on.”


Professor Russel Griggs OBE, Chair of SOSE, added:


“Having the skills and experience of the CivTech team working alongside us to support innovation will be a huge benefit to SOSE, but more importantly to organisations across the South of Scotland.”

Ivan McKee, Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, said:


“As the world’s first Government-run accelerator for digital public services, CivTech works with organisations like SOSE to tackle various challenges faced across Scotland in collaboration with innovative private sector talent, experience and resources.
“As we navigate our new digital landscape, we must drive innovation in the public sector by connecting it to the nation’s tech talent, particularly SMEs and start-ups to deliver achievable and meaningful results.
“This new partnership with SOSE is another powerful example of how Tech for Good can be used in our communities to deliver better public services and improve the lives of citizens.”

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