Local Riding Centre Launches Donation Plea To Help Feed The Horses

Happy Horses and riders before the COVID-19 Shutdown

Barstobrick riding centre, Ringford, Dumfries and Galloway are looking to raise £3000 to help towards the running costs of the school during enforced closure by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


Isla Foley who Runs the Riding School Said “Horses still need hay, feed, bedding, farrier and alot of care whilst we have no income coming in.
Our horses work very hard and do an amazing job of teaching beginners up to experienced riders giving enjoyment and confidence.
Our horses are also used for Galloway RDA  and we give alot of disabled clients and clients with special needs private lessons and treks.
The best part of my job is seeing how therapeutic a horse can be or taking someone on a trek that uses a wheelchair, horses give them freedom.
I just hope we can open again soon and people can start to enjoy the horses and ponies again.
We appreciate any donation no matter how small and 100% of the money will go towards covering the daily costs of having a riding school.”

If You would like to donate, please click HERE