Space To Grow For Moffat CAN

Change is happening for Moffat CAN, whilst in some ways things stay the same! There has been a change of name and legal form, but the charity is still the same legal entity with a retained charity number. The group has a new name – Space to Grow, Moffat and has become a SCIO, a uniquely Scottish organisational set up for charities.


The name was chosen by members and reflects the opportunities the organisation offers to the local community. “We are fortunate to own the building and grounds in Annanside” said chair Jon Haydon. “We have space to grow food in the allotment area, inside space to offer local entrepreneurs and organisations the ability to grow, and volunteering opportunities for individual growth. We have started to work with South of Scotland Enterprise who are supporting us to identify local need, so that the buildings can be adapted and used appropriately.”


He added that the changes are the culmination of a long process that has also involved amendments to a legal agreement with D&G Council. They allow the charity to look forward to a positive future with enthusiasm.


Space to Grow, Moffat engaged with local graphic designer Zoe Dutton to develop a new logo that reflects their new identity and aspirations.


The Scottish charity regulator, OSCR, has approved both the new SCIO constitution and the change of name.

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