Cover Image: Tim Gray (Chair of Creative Whithorn Arts & Crafts Association) with his self-portrait and Aileen McLeod (MSP) with her ‘selfie’

Members of the Creative Whithorn Arts & Crafts Association have been busy making self-portraits for the launch of the ‘Creative Me’ initiative at the Whithorn Art Gallery – Life’s Little Ironies. The Gallery opened a mini show on Saturday 3rd May with a taster of self-portraits by local people. The show, which will last for two weeks, includes a lovely array of paintings, photographs, sculpture, drawings, textiles and digital images. Aileen McLeod, MSP for South Scotland joined the launch and brought a ‘selfie’ to add to the collection. Aileen is hoping to persuade other MSP’s to provide a self-portrait for the main Creative Me show which will take place during the Creative Whithorn Arts & Crafts Trail from 18th to 2oth July 2014. Aileen said ‘I am delighted to see this new initiative by the Creative Whithorn Association which highlights the talent in the area and offers an opportunity for the whole community to work together to produce an amazing exhibition in July. ‘

Launch of Creative Me Left to right: Tim Gray, Liz Perry, Victoria Smith, Aileen McLeod, Robert Smith, Louis Wall, Douglas Smith, Peter Wareing
Launch of Creative Me Left to right: Tim Gray, Liz Perry, Victoria Smith, Aileen McLeod, Robert Smith, Louis Wall, Douglas Smith, Peter Wareing

Creative Whithorn is a group of people in and around the Machars who work collaboratively to share and promote the work of artists and makers in the region. Chair of the Association Tim Gray said ‘This year we will hold our second Arts & Crafts trail and we hope that the Creative Me self-portraits will inspire local people of all ages to offer their own portraits for an Exhibition during the trail. Last year we involved the local school with our Birdhouse Design competition and this year we plan to get the children producing their own portraits in a variety of different formats. We also hope that the wider community will get involved – because anyone can do a self-portrait.’

In addition to showing the Creative Me Exhibition, this year’s trail will provide a public showcase for around 40 artists and makers showing in several venues in Whithorn over the long weekend. There will be open studios, exhibitions in 3 private galleries, the community centre and the Whithorn Trust. Demonstrations will offer people the chance to see the work of potters, painters, spinners and weavers, textile artists, metal and woodworking, photography and jewellery making. The exhibitions will spill into front rooms, garages and gardens.

People who want to submit a self portrait have until the end of June to take it along to the Life’s Little Ironies Gallery at 118 George Street.  The Gallery will accept digital submissions by email ([email protected]) which will be included in a digital slideshow which will be part of the exhibition. Tim said ‘Please don’t be shy about bringing your self-portrait for inclusion in the show. A self-portrait can be a way to express your identity either through a traditional image of your self or a more imaginative representation of how you see yourself. We are very excited by the range of work we have already received and are looking forward to seeing more. People are invited to come along to the gallery to browse through the portraits we already have and to gain some inspiration.’

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