Join the Effort: A Call to Make Newton Stewart’s Studio Workshop Watertight

Seeking vital aid to raise £30,000 for critical repairs against roof leaks and structural damage, Penny and Innes are resolutely working to safeguard their artistic haven in Newton Stewart.

Their vision is to establish an inclusive studio workshop that offers diverse artistic workshops for the local community and visitors alike. From printmaking and collages to animation, ceramics, and stained glass, their goal is to foster creativity and engagement.

Experienced Voices in Creativity

Penny, an accomplished fine art printmaker and animator with over 25 years of experience, brings her wealth of knowledge to the endeavour. Having delivered workshops, classes, and lectures for various demographics, she is passionate about nurturing creative skills and storytelling.

Innes, a freelance writer and performer, has a notable portfolio that includes BAFTA Nominated work and collaborations with leading broadcasters such as the BBC and Channel 4. His expertise contributes significantly to the project.

Challenges and Determination

Despite their passion and dedication, Penny and Innes have encountered challenges along the way. Their move from Glasgow to Newton Stewart coincided with unforeseen renovations. The necessity to replace floors and address roof leaks drained a substantial portion of their resources. As they work towards establishing a vibrant studio workshop, one pressing issue remains: ensuring the building is watertight.

Currently, the workshop’s roof leaks in multiple spots, despite attempts to patch it up. The growing dampness poses a threat to the structural integrity of the space, jeopardizing their vision of hosting workshops and utilizing their equipment effectively.

A Daunting Financial Endeavor: Rebuilding for a Secure Workshop

A roofing quote received in July has estimated the cost of comprehensive repairs at £20,000.

This quote encompasses the removal of deteriorated beams, roof recovery, replacement of gutters, and addressing external cladding damage. Furthermore, internal remedial work is essential to rectify areas affected by leaks.

The total cost is projected to be around £30,000, considering all necessary aspects of the repairs.

While striving to secure funds, Penny and Innes have looked into alternative options.

Penny told DGWGO “We contacted Business Gateway, Creative Scotland and looked at Scottish Government grants, but there seems to be nothing available from them (unless we set up as a CIC – and even then, there’s absolutely no guarantee we’d get funding as it’s for a roof).”

“We will create a CIC in order to deliver the workshops, but the building will not belong to the CIC, it will be leased for overhead costs only – thus giving the project a more sustainable future than many similar ventures these days.”
Your Donation Can Waterproof An Artistic Haven

For those who share their enthusiasm for artistic exploration and community engagement, Penny and Innes have launched a GoFundMe page.

Any contribution, no matter the amount, will play a vital role in making their studio workshop watertight. By lending your support, you can help turn their vision into a reality, ensuring a vibrant hub for creativity in Newton Stewart. Every donation is a step towards preserving their equipment and fostering artistic endeavours for years to come.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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