Rare Opportunity To See ‘James Paterson’ Art At Moniaive

FOR ONE DAY ONLY: A rare opportunity to view the paintings of “Glasgow Boy”, James Paterson, held in the private ownership of Moniaive residents.

James Paterson was a resident of Moniaive from 1885 to 1905 and this year is the 170th anniversary of his birth and it seemed a good time to raise his profile again.

The exhibition is on Thursday 18th July from midday to 8pm in St Ninian’s Church, Moniaive.

We have over 30 paintings to display but we don’t have “The Last Turning”, James Paterson’s most famous painting, which is on display in Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery.

We are talking to the Museum about a future loan to bring the painting back to Moniaive for an exhibition in a few years’ time.