Student Has Volunteering Down To A Fine Art

Student has Volunteering Down to a Fine Art

A Dumfries and Galloway College artist has used his experience at a local community farm to create a series of new sculptures.


Art and Design student, Andrew Stott, used materials found while volunteering at Mossburn Community Farm to create the models, one of which he has since submitted as coursework for his sculpture unit.


Andrew is a regular volunteer at the community farm and has been indispensable to it during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced the farm to take on fewer volunteers than normal.


The farm has also supported Andrew by providing him with onsite accommodation and allowing him access to the materials he needed.

When not collecting art supplies, such as chicken eggs and bail twine, Andrew helps out with farm jobs such as caring for animals.

He also got creative while mucking out the farm’s pigs, creating a display out of the bits of straw that he had swept up.

Dumfries and Galloway College students like Andrew, as well as staff and other members of the college community, have played a vital role through the pandemic in keeping life going in the South of Scotland.

Led by Principal Joanna Campbell, the college plans to continue this work and will also play a vital role in the region’s recovery from the impact of COVID-19.


Commenting, Andrew said:


“I really enjoying going to Mossburn.

“It’s great to work with so many different animals while also being able to get creative using the tools and materials around me.
“I’m very proud to have been able to both support our community farm and to work towards by qualification at the same time – it’s been a great experience.”


Principal Joanna Campbell said:


“I’m incredibly proud of Andrew and all he’s done to help this important local organisation.
“Dumfries and Galloway College students have been wonderfully civic-minded throughout the pandemic and Andrew represents this community spirit.
“He is a credit to his college and should be proud of himself.”