The A77 Average Speed Camera system covers some 32 miles from Bogend Toll near Symington to Ardwell Bay in Dumfries and Galloway. The reduction in accidents and fatalities delivered by Average Speed Camera systems speak for themselves. With the A77 scheme now running for over 10 years there is a considerable amount of data available and the latest figures covering the last three years to July 2015 indicate that there has been a 77% reduction in fatal casualties and a 74% reduction in serious casualties compared with the original baseline published in 2005.

As with all safety camera enforcement, the system is focused on reducing casualties and accidents and delivering improvements in driver behaviour, and excellent levels of speed limit compliance have also been observed over the past ten years. However, as with any other infrastructure on the trunk road network, the system has an optimum design life and is becoming increasingly expensive and challenging to maintain.

To ensure improved safety performance continues, it is intended therefore to replace the existing system. Technological advances also provide an opportunity to revise some aspects of the enforcement strategy, and to reduce the total number of camera sites on the route.

*Update* – From the 27th of June 2016 the upgrade to the latest SPECS3 VECTOR cameras will be complete on the A77 average speed camera system.

For more information about the upgrade click here.

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