Climate Change Is A D&G Council Priority

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A midterm review of the Dumfries and Galloway Council Plan will see the addition of Climate Change as the fifth council priority.
Dumfries and Galloway Council is meeting on 24 September where they will consider a report which contains the recommendation to adopt a fifth Council Priority, reflecting on the council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency.
The creation of a new council priority is reflected as a key activity of the plan to reflect our corporate responsibility and dedication to become a carbon neutral region within the next five years.

The Council will work with partners and stakeholders to achieve this target by the following means;
1. Encourage understanding of how the way we live and work in the region impacts on climate change
2. Empower our communities and stakeholders to make significant changes to reduce emissions and adapt to a low carbon approach
3. Lead on the transition to cleaner and greener technologies
4. Promote and protect our region’s natural environment
5. Contribute to a greener economy, maximising the region’s green energy potential

Elaine Murray, Leader of Dumfries and Galloway Council said: “Climate change is already starting to affect us all. In recent years our region has experienced flooding, bush fires and warmer weather leading to water shortages in some areas. We must all play our part to combat climate change and by leading by example. For the sake of future generations and of our natural environment, we must take action now”
Depute Leader, Rob Davidson said: “Climate change impacts how we behave and work as a council. We’re already changing our council fleet to electric vehicles, addressing our aging building stock to look for efficiencies and have included the need to recognise the effects on climate through our impact assessments. It also has bearing on the work we do within our communities, for example we are now looking at more flood risk management plans than ever before. By adopting this priority, we will ensure that the climate emergency is considered across planning of all projects and across all our services.”


For the full committee report go to:


• Dumfries and Galloway Council declared a Climate Emergency in June 2019 with the adoption of a 12-point plan to support the climate emergency Declaration. The plan encompasses everything we will do to address climate change, building on our ongoing work already taking place within the council, including reducing our carbon footprint and emissions by adopting electric vehicles and encouraging our staff to be more environmentally aware. Most prominent within the plan was the ambitious target to achieve a carbon neutral region by 2025.

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