Go Ahead Given For 75,000 Panel Solar Farm Near Annan

Committee members at Dumfries and Galloway Local Council yesterday unanimously approved Green Energy International’s renewable energy project at Jockstown Farm situated on land adjacent to the Chapel Cross Power Station near Annan.

With 37.8MW of Solar and 12.1MW of battery storage this scheme has the potential to power the whole of Annan for the next 40 years

Like many towns and villages across the country Dumfries and Galloway are driving change to a more sustainable future, its hoped that a solar farm such as this could be the catalyst. Cheaper green power will drive new businesses to relocate with concepts such as data centres, agri-greenhouses, vertical towers, warehousing, and distribution.

Green Energy International has been working with the South Scottish Enterprise team and it’s been great to see the focus on socioeconomic growth and regeneration in D&G, bringing in new businesses and creating employment opportunities will see the next generation with long term local career prospects.

As a country we are now facing and energy crisis with the cost of electricity soaring, this in turn has far reaching effects on every single aspect of our lives.

Home grown renewable energy needs to be our focus.

Our best chance to save our planet was a generation ago. Our second-best chance is now.

Key points.

The site is 60 hectares with only 30% of this area housing equipment.

Sheep will continue to graze the land.

A project of this size could power over 11,000 homes.

The planned ecological enhancements will see new hedgerows, trees, and wildflowers to improve biodiversity.

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