New 6.85% Pay Deal Offered to Teachers in Scotland

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A new progressive pay offer – the fourth which has been made to unions – recognises the impact of the cost of living crisis on lower-paid teachers, with an increase of up to 6.85%.

For those classroom teachers on the main grade scale, who benefit from pay progression, this offer will mean an increase in one year of over 10%.

Those at the top of the scale will receive a 5% increase, taking their salary to £44,453. A teacher moving from probation into a fully qualified post would gain an annual salary increase of 27%.

A fully qualified teacher in Scotland would receive £35,650 – over £7,500 more than their counterparts in England under the offer. The most experienced classroom teachers would receive £5,600 more than they would if they were teaching in England on the main pay range.

Overall, if accepted, this would represent a cumulative pay increase for the majority of teachers of 21.8% since 2018.

Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said:

“This is a fair offer which recognises that the cost of living crisis is the priority, with higher increases for staff on lower salaries.

“This is now the fourth offer that has been made. In the same time EIS have not changed their request for a 10% pay increase – even for those on the highest incomes.

“I have been clear that we have limited room for manoeuvre. The financial situation for the Scottish Government is challenging and additional money for teacher pay means reduced public services elsewhere.

“In these challenging times it is important we focus our attention on those who are most impacted by the cost of living crisis, as well as ensuring fairness to all public sector workers. I would urge leadership to postpone plans for industrial action and consider this new offer.”


The offer will mean a minimum increase of £1,926 or 5%, whichever is higher, for those earning up to £60,000. Everybody earning over £60,000 p.a. will still receive a pay increase of £3,000.

Main grade pay scale:

Pay point Current salary Increase New salary % increase
0 28,113 1,926 30,039 6.85
1 33,729 1,926 35,655 5.71
2 35,643 1,926 37,569 5.4
3 37,713 1,926 39,639 5.1
4 40,107 5% 42,112 5%
5 42,336 5% 44,453 5%

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