Next Steps For The Former George Hotel, Stranraer To Be Discussed

D&G  Council previously identified the condition of the former George Hotel at Stranraer was as a priority project within our reshaping Stranraer and the West programme, as it was considered to be a major local landmark which was at severe risk of further deterioration, undermining efforts to support the economic resilience and regeneration of Stranraer town centre.

Members of the Council’s Economy and Resources Committee (E&R) (1st Sept) will receive a report on progress to date on the building. As well as an update on key activities undertaken to date in connection with this work, the report provides Members with details of next steps and key milestones associated with the project’s ongoing development.
Following consultation with the local community, Members of E&R previously agreed that the preferred approach to bring forward redevelopment ideas for the former George Hotel would be to work with local stakeholders to prepare project proposals for a community, arts, culture and activity centre on the site. With this approach in mind, it was Members agreed to allocate £152,740 to enable project development activities for the George Hotel to be conducted, including £61,740 for a capital grant to be offered to Stranraer Development Trust for part of this work.

In addition, at Dumfries and Galloway Full Council in June 2022, Members agreed a proposed bid for UK Government Levelling Up Fund for Dumfries and Galloway Constituency. Within the bid is a request for funding for the redevelopment of the former George Hotel.

A feasibility study has been carried out using feedback provided by stakeholders and a technical review of the site has been conducted, including its physical, historical, and planning context as well as the project’s potential to contribute to the wider investment plans for Stranraer. In addition, survey was conducted by Stranraer
Community Council which provided a snapshot of public opinion at the start of the project.

Chair of Economy and Resources committee, Katie Hagmann said: “I am pleased to see that this project is progressing and moving forward. Consultation work has been undertaken together with the local community and stakeholders. We have gathered local views on the future of the site, to develop community capacity and to ensure that any proposals tie into the wider regeneration of Stranraer with a sustainable, long-term use for this well-known building in the town centre.”
Vice Chair, Sean Marshall said: “This report is good news. The Council is providing significant investment, not only in The George Hotel, but through the regeneration of Stranraer as a whole. Working with community groups and residents is crucial and we will ensure that this funding is targeted to where local people feel it is needed most and the retention of the landmark building will be ensured for future generations as an inclusive hub.”


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