Funfair Will Still Go Ahead After Whitesands Flooding Causes Delay

Dumfries Whitesands carpark area, next to the river Nith flooded yesterday afternoon, March the 12th 2019,  after a heavy rain fall the night before and a high tide. Douglas Cordonas Funfair were trying to set up for the March fair in Dumfries. Although the flooding has caused a delay the fair will still go ahead.
Luckily no one was hurt and  none of the equipment was damaged during the flood.
DGWGO have spoken to the team from Cordonas Fair, that are currently based at Dumfries – they are very sorry that the recent flooding has meant a delay in them setting up safely.
The fair organisers have confirmed today that the fair will still go ahead next week, opening from Thursday the 21st of March at 6.00pm in the evening, running until the Saturday the30th of March.
The Fair opens at 6.00pm during the week, and 1.00pm on Saturday and Sundays.