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Hi , I am local Author ; Maggie Reid and this has been an incredible literary year for me , after ten years of writing ! As a child I lived at kingholm Quay Dumfries next to woodland and a great place to live where even as a little girl I wrote stories in old jotters with the main theme being tortoises!

Maggie’s latest book: Fearless Frangipan Circus Pie – out July 2013

I attended St . Andrew’s School ( now known as the Old School ) a lovely Victorian building ….with incredible windows and wrought iron staircase with a calm but magical atmosphere that still exists today. I attended The Proudlock Dancing Academy Dumfries from the age of five with Teachers Alison and Elizabeth and learned how to tap dance and even dance the highland fling ! It was later .. during my time at St. Joseph’s College Dumfries that I decided I wished a career in Drama . I adore the Brigend Theatre as an intimate Theatre venue which has a real gothic feel and The Theatre Royal Dumfries is the oldest working Theatre in Scotland.

I attended The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland , Queen Margaret College , Kirkcaldy College and University of Strathclyde alongside Ewan McGregor and Dr Who: David Tenant! I returned to Dumfries to teach Drama and have two Children : Joseph and Daniella .

My favourite places in Dumfries and Galloway are without doubt Sweetheart Abbey for the beauty and the incredible story that surrounds its very name . Kirkcudbright is an incredible place for Artists …….and I still love Sandyhills on even a bleak day . I adore artisan Bread and Cheeses and Loch Arthur Creamery, Beeswing has the most incredible cheese and bakery . The Bread is truly delicious and not a plastic wrapper or sell by date in sight . Good bread is a work of art , and you will not be disappointed !

I consider myself fortunate to live in such a truly beautiful part of the world …..and one day soon I hope one of my Books will be a Movie and filmed right here in Dumfries and Galloway , for no matter where I and the books travel , this will always be home.

You can keep up to date with Maggie on her Facebook Page.

Maggie’s first book THE Quiet Life of Marta G. Ziegler is available at

Maggie Reid

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