Write Up Your Street! Poetry Project Seeks Submissions

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This month sees the launch of ‘Road Works’ – a brand new collaboration between local writers, D-Lux Arts and Dumfries and Galloway’s finest poets.

Over the next few weeks, JoAnne McKay, Hugh McMillan and Derek Ross will be offering poetry workshops to encourage people to contribute to a written word project for Dumfries town centre. And everyone is welcome to contribute!

JoAnne, Hugh and Derek will be helping local people to write short poems that will be displayed in Dumfries Town Centre on a vital piece of road repair infrastructure – a yellow LED messaging sign familiar to us all from many a traffic jam.

The sign can display up to eight lines of text and up to 26 characters per line (including spaces and any punctuation).

D-Lux Creative Director Robbie Coleman commented: “The road sign is perfect for a stripped-back, short-line poetry style, which is why we’ve asked three top local poets who specialise in short forms to run some public workshops for us.”

In the hands of the region’s established and first-time poets alike, the sign becomes a powerful way to explore and share the thoughts of local people on the last year, as well as hopes and dreams for the future.

Poems will be on display on Dumfries High Street from 14th – 21st August, with submissions due no later than 9th August.

To find out more, submit a poem, or book your workshop space, check out the D-Lux social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) or visit www.d-lux.org.uk

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