Yorkshire Puddings Top BBC Food’s Most Searched For Christmas Recipes

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With Christmas on the way, here’s some festive cooking inspiration from BBC Food’s most popular Christmas recipes of 2020.

Cooking the perfect Yorkshire puddings is top of the menu for cooks at home this Christmas, with BBC Food’s recipe the most searched for across Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It topped 2020’s most searched for terms on BBC Food, which also included tips on how to cook the perfect turkey crown and recipes for red cabbage, eggnog and roast potatoes.

Across December, the most popular recipe was for gingerbread men, with over 400k visitors looking to bake the festive treat. There’s no surprise to see turkey leftovers creep into everyone’s festive menu once Boxing Day comes, with turkey curry and leftover turkey and ham pie two of the most sought-after recipes when the festive cheer starts to subside.

With Christmas on the way, here’s some festive cooking inspiration from BBC Food’s most popular Christmas recipes of 2020.

The Yorkshire puds batter be good

When Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are here, cooking the perfect turkey is high up on the last minute searches. This is only beaten by BBC Food’s Yorkshire pudding recipe, which takes the crown – despite the trimming not always being associated with the traditional Turkey roast. The most searched for recipe in 2019, red cabbage, remains popular in third spot.

Top five search terms on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2020:

  1. Yorkshire pudding
  2. Perfect roast turkey
  3. Red cabbage
  4. Eggnog
  5. Perfect roast potatoes

Getting egg-cited for the holidays

In the run up to Christmas, the baking trays are out, with gingerbread men, shortbread and mince pies proving a hit for festive sweet treats.

Top five search terms from 1-23 December 2020:

  1. Gingerbread men
  2. Shortbread
  3. Eggnog
  4. Paul Hollywood’s mince pies
  5. Fluffy American pancakes

Gobble up the turkey leftovers

Who needs days of leftover turkey sandwiches, when you can make curries and pies? As well as leftovers, there’s plenty of people whipping up a post-Christmas brunch of pancakes or using up that loaf of bread they didn’t quite manage for a classic bread and butter pudding.

Top five search terms from 26-31 December 2020:

  1. Turkey curry
  2. Leftover turkey and ham pie
  3. Pancakes
  4. American pancakes
  5. Bread and butter pudding