This October the amazing team from ‘Mostly Ghostly Investigations’ are launching their fifth spine-chilling venture, a brand new walk based in Dumfries under the title of– ‘Ghosts and Graverobbers!’

Everyone meeting the Mostly Ghostly team at the Midsteeple, Dumfries

Last Night (October the 20th) Team DGWGO were lucky enough to be invited along on the special preview evening of the walk, to be some of the first people to be taken on this very educational and entertaining trip through the dark history of Dumfries from through the ages.


We were told to congregate at the towns Midsteeple, itself one of Dumfries’ most historical buildings with its own dark history at 6.00pm, where we were greeted by our hosts for the evening.  The team of 4 intrepid paranormal investigators were all dressed from head to toe for the occasion  in black historical costume to really set the atmosphere for the chilling stories that lay ahead of us.

Three Members of the MGI team

We set off following our hosts through the town’s streets and alleyways, with every step taking us further and further away from the modern shops and street lights and back in time to a darker place in history. All of the Mostly Ghostly Team are experts in their field, and all do their part in describing the horrid stories and facts behind each of the locations we stopped at along the way. As you become absorbed into the whole atmosphere of the walk, the busy noise of the towns traffic, beeping horns, voices, music fades away and you become totally focused on the chilling dark historical history that is being told to you.


Without giving too much away about the walk, as really it is something you must experience for yourself, we visited some familiar locations in the town , such as St Michael’s Graveyard, St Mary’s Church , the site of the old County Hotel, the town centre fountain and the Globe Inn to name just a few, plus we walked through and visited a few locations in the town that I personally have never been to before or knew existed.

With stories about everything from peasants and Kings, murderers, hangings, hauntings, grave robbers, grizzly goings on and much much more  you really do learn some amazing facts about the town known as ‘The Queen of The South’ and its sordid darkest secrets.

Although I may be making the experience sound frightening, fear not, because you are actually with a RB1_7949party of fellow explorers who are all in exactly the same position as yourself, and because your hosts for the evening are actually very warm friendly and welcoming, really look after you, keep you safe and even supply you with a torch to illuminate your way if you wish, its one of the safest and friendliest ways to explore dark haunting graveyards and  spooky closes and pathways while hearing historical accounts of real murders, executions, historical facts and ghost stories that you will ever do.

The Mostly Ghostly Team have  thoroughly researched the material and stories that  go into the tour, spending nearly a year delving through historical accounts of religious persecution, remarkable characters and dreadful behaviour on what is now sacred ground in the town of Dumfries, and on Friday the 30th October 2015 you too will be able to join in and have a frighteningly  good time on the ‘Ghosts and Graverobbers’ walk for yourselves!

The Mostly Ghostly ‘Ghosts and Grave-robbers Tour’ launches on Friday 30th October at 7pm with a follow up two weeks later on Friday 13th November. Tickets are available from the Midsteeple Box Office at

You can keep up to date with all of the Mostly Ghostly Investigations Team news and find out about other walks and tours and Private party bookings that the team can offer on their website at

We all survived to tell the tail, at the gates of St Michael's Church Dumfries
We all survived to tell the tail, at the gates of St Michael’s Church Dumfries

Review written for DGWGO by R.B. Photos Copyright R.B Photography