Kirkcudbright Academy is now a Corporate Member of Kirkcudbright Rotary Club. Rector, Anthony Tuffery and Rotary President Colin MacLaine recently exchanged certificates which record the setting up of this partnership.
This scheme, which is open to teachers and support staff, has a number of benefits to the Academy. It will help to the Academy meet its objectives of being more closely identified with the local community. It offers development opportunities for staff and enables staff who may be new to Kirkcudbright to forge stronger links in the area. It enables staff to play an active role in the Club and also enjoy the benefits of being members of a highly respected organisation which is working closely with the Kirkcudbright community.
Kirkcudbright Rotary will benefit from the additional resources and new ideas the partnership brings from the close association with Academy staff.

Both the Rector and Club President emphasised how delighted they are that the close relationship which has developed over the years has led to this new partnership

the photograph shows the above establishing the historic event.