Cycling Dumfries’ Big Bike Breakfast and Kidical Massive

Dumfries cyclists will be putting the town on the map this September with two events to raise the profile of cycling in the area.

On Friday September 18th, local cyclists will be treated to a free breakfast in recognition of their role keeping the town moving, while on Saturday 19 September it will be the turn of the younger pedallers as Dumfries joins campaigners from all around the world to celebrate family cycling – and International Talk Like a Pirate Day – with ‘Kidical Massive’, a mass bike ride for kids.
Organisers Cycling Dumfries are repeating their annual Big Bike Breakfast outside the Council Offices on English Street from 7-9 am on Friday 18 September where commuting cyclists will have a chance to ‘refuel’ as well as talk to Councillors and officials about cycling conditions in the town.

Supported by local businesses butchers JB Houston and The Little Bakery, as well as Morrison’s supermarket, the cycling campaigners will be offering a free bacon roll (or vegetarian equivalent) and hot drink to anyone who turns up on a bike. Then on Saturday they will be joining Kidical Mass campaigners world-wide in organising a pirate-themed family friendly bike ride from Dock Park to Heathhall forest to ride on the cycle track.
Cycling Dumfries co-ordinator Sally Hinchcliffe said;

“We’ve had an amazing success with our family bike rides this summer – with participants cycling a total of 892 miles altogether – and we didn’t want the fun to stop, so when we heard about Kidical Massive we jumped at the chance to join the global celebration of kids on bikes. We’re hoping to gather a record number of kids on bikes dressed as pirates – Dumfries won’t know what’s hit it. In combination with our third annual bike breakfast, we’ll be showing the world what a cycling town Dumfries has become.”
Fellow organiser Rosie Rutherford said;

“We’ve had excellent support from local businesses this year for our bike breakfast so it should be our best ever. Riding bikes helps keep the town moving and free up parking spaces so it makes sense to encourage as many people as possible to cycle to work or school. It just goes to show that cycling benefits everyone, and we wanted to thank the town’s cycle commuters with a hot breakfast. We hope the council will listen to what they have to say and can work to improve conditions even more for cycling in the town.”

Cycling Dumfries campaigns for better conditions for cycling in and around the town.
Contact: Sally Hinchcliffe 07982 041278 / [email protected]

The Bike Breakfast will take place outside the council offices on English Street from 7-9am, Friday 18th September. More information: https://cyclingdumfries.wordpress.com/about/events/bike-breakfast/

The Kidical Massive will start from Dock Park at 2pm on Saturday 19th September. Families who don’t wish to ride the full distance (6 miles total) can join us at Heathhall Forest. More information: https://cyclingdumfries.wordpress.com/about/events/kidical-massive/

Kidical Massive is an initiative of the global Kidical Mass movement http://www.kidicalmass.org/

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