Taking Property Inspections & Surveys to New Heights: 33 Air Solutions Leads the Way

33 Air Solutions specialises in conducting high-level inspections of commercial, agricultural, and domestic properties.

They employ advanced drone technology to offer a cost-effective and safe method of inspecting and documenting various structures, including buildings, chimney structures, infrastructure, roofing, cladding, and areas that are difficult to access or considered fragile and dangerous.

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Comprehensive Asset Knowledge: Providing In-Depth Insights

The primary purpose of these inspections is to provide comprehensive asset knowledge and identify any potential issues or damage that could impact the performance and operation of businesses using the premises.

These issues may include general debris, storm damage, birds’ nests, insecure panels, damaged slates, blocked drain gutters, as well as insecure or damaged brickwork and cement work. By detecting these issues early on, property owners can effectively plan maintenance to prolong the operational life of their buildings.


Affordable High-Level Assessments: Reducing Expenses on Access Gear

One notable advantage of 33 Air Solutions’ approach is that it eliminates the need for access equipment, thus minimizing risks to staff and property. Additionally, this approach ensures minimal disruption to daily operations, avoiding the necessity for costly or unsightly scaffolding. By employing advanced drone technology, the company is able to conduct thorough inspections even in challenging areas, maintaining a balance between safety and efficiency.

Mapping, Thermal Surveys, and More: Uncovering Insights from Above

In addition to property inspections, 33 Air Solutions offers various specialized services.

They are capable of performing thermal surveys of buildings to identify heat loss and potential water ingress.

Moreover, they can inspect solar panels to ensure their optimal efficiency. The company also conducts surveys of land, woodlands, coastlines, and watercourses, and provides 2D/3D mapping and topographical surveys.

Furthermore, they offer animal and livestock location and welfare checks, as well as aerial videography and photography services.

Trusted and Reliable: Relying on CAA Authorised Expertise for Aerial Services

As a fully qualified, insured, and CAA Authorised company, 33 Air Solutions has collaborated with organizations such as The Crichton Trust, David Hardie Engineering, Bethany Church, and Arnold Clark Group Estates, in addition to numerous domestic clients. They are members of the Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of Commerce, Real 5 Network (Dumfries), Carlisle Ambassadors, and the Dumfries and Galloway Council Trusted Trader Scheme.

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