D&G Business Woman ‘Lynda McDairmant’ Is Looking Forward to Business Week

New local business woman, Lynda McDairmant cannot wait for Dumfries and Galloway Business Week 2017 in October. The 5-day programme of events and workshops aimed at business owners and managers from across the region will take place next week and it is much anticipated by Lynda as her first official week being her own boss.


Formerly Head of Sales & Marketing at Gretna Green Ltd, Lynda is launching her new venture during the week-long events programme organised by Dumfries and Galloway Council and many partners, including Business Gateway and VisitScotland. With nearly 30 years experience in sales and marketing, Lynda is putting her knowledge and talent for marketing to new uses by launching her own company, Tell Tale Marketing.


Lynda said“Setting up my own business has always been something I have kept to the back of my mind, never really believing I could do it for myself.”


With time on her hands after choosing to move on from her previous employer, Lynda took the plunge, on a whim, by researching the services available through Business Gateway for those who are thinking about starting up their own business.


Lynda explains: “I checked out their website on the Monday and was attending an introduction workshop for starting up your own business the following day. I though, why not. I’ll either come away thinking this is definitely not for me or I will be excited by the prospect. It was the latter and I have not looked back since.”

That was less than 2 months ago and Lynda has already named her business, built a website and written her business plan, with training through Business Gateway.


Fergus Denton
Lynda continued “My son, Fergus Denton designed my logo. He’s just out of university with a Bachelor degree in 3D Modelling and Animation and is now job hunting.”
Lynda explains how she came up with the name: “Choosing the name for my business was difficult, with so many ideas running through my mind. I settled on Tell Tale Marketing since it sums up how I see the essence of what marketing a business is: you have to select your audience in line with what you are offering and decide how best to reach out to them but the fundamental factor that is at the heart of all business is not simply what you do or what you sell but who you are; your story. Harness that and build a robust brand identity that resonates with customers and success will follow. Building engaging stories and making sure they are communicated effectively is my passion.”

With a whole host of events organised for next week, covering most of the region, Lynda is signed up to nearly all, including Google Garage workshops and the annual Tourism Conference


Lynda said “For 25 years I have worked in tourism and hospitality so it is an industry that I know well and I am known to many in it, nationally and internationally. I hope to meet with many old friends and become acquainted with new contacts during this day-long event at Easterbrook Hall. I have crammed in as many events as I can to gain the chance to speak with as many local business people as possible, in other industries as well as tourism.”

Attendance at Business Week events can be made through the Business Gateway website www.bgateway.com and Lynda can be contacted through her website www.telltalemarketing.co.uk


Lynda can be contacted via LinkedIn or by email [email protected]

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