Murray Petcare & Environmental Business Solutions Partner With Chloripet

Murray Petcare and Environmental Business Solutions (EBS) of Heathhall, are partnering with Choripet to bring the innovative pet care product to Dumfries & Galloway.

Managing Director, Ken Adams told DGWGO “Murray has a long history as a leading UK supplier of animal health products and we are delighted that they have chosen to introduce Chloripet to their loyal customers. Chloripet is entirely organic and offers the very highest standards of care for pets.”

“Chloripet is a revolutionary product for all your pet’s needs. Gentle to the skin yet highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses, Chloripet has veterinary approvals for being used directly on your pet as well as on their surroundings.”

“It’s produced from just salt and water, the active ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). HOCL is an incredibly effective disinfectant that is produced by our bodies and the bodies of all mammals to fight infection. Chloripet is essentially reproducing what your body does naturally.”

“Chloripet will kill 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses and will do so rapidly. It works in just a few seconds. It can be used directly on your pet as an antiseptic as well as using it to disinfect their surroundings.”

“We are passionate about both animal welfare and the environment. Chloripet contains NO harsh chemicals, NO alcohol, and NO allergens. It is kind to skin and is not harmful if it is inhaled or ingested by you or your pet. It is even approved to disinfect drinking water so don’t worry if your pet licks Chloripet as soon as it’s applied – it will do them no harm at all.’

“Chloripet is entirely made in the UK and has the very lowest carbon footprint of any comparable product. It is 100% biodegradable and vegan.”


Where can I use Chloripet?

Wound Care & First Aid

Chloripet has veterinary approvals and can be used as an antiseptic on your pet. It can be used to clean wounds or post-operative sites. It is great for soothing bites or cuts & grazes. It will clean the wound and kill any bacteria.

Eyes & Ears

Take a clean cloth and spray with Chloripet. This can then be used to clean your pets’ ears. It will help with itchy ears and reduce any inflammation.

For eyes, Chloripet can be applied to cotton wool & used gently to clean their eyes. As over 99% of Chloripet is clean water and salt, it does no harm should Chloripet get into their eyes. It will not irritate and will help with any infections.


If your pet has allergies, it can appear as dry irritated skin. You might find your pet is scratching or biting certain areas such as between their toes. Chloripet can be sprayed directly and will ease the irritation and soothe their itchy skin. Try to avoid your pet licking the area for a minute or so after applying Chloripet but even if they do, it will not do them any harm.


Chloripet is not just for pets! It is fantastic for use on and around horses and the 5ltr containers provide excellent value for money for use with larger animals.

Chloripet is competition safe and as an extremely effective antiseptic, can be used directly on their skin to soothe infections and clean wounds. We are seeing amazing results on Sweet Itch and Frog Thrush just now but will also deal with the likes of Mud Fever and Rain Scald.

Chloripet is also ideal for disinfecting and cleaning tack, stalls, or even boxes. The larger 5ltr containers are economical for cleaning and disinfecting hooves.

Chloripet is more powerful than bleach yet is gentle on skin and can be used throughout the home.

Chloripet is available in 50ml, 500ml, and 5ltr containers. All bottles are designed to be refilled from larger containers and are designed to be used time after time. If you have any questions, our team at will be able to help. Alternatively, pop into Murray Petcare where their staff will be able to help.