CivTech Winning Team Announced To Tackle South of Scotland Net Zero Sprint Challenge

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The winning team which will tackle a CivTech Sprint Challenge focussed on how technology can support the South of Scotland’s circular economy and Net Zero ambitions has been announced.

Tech start-up Looper is now tasked with providing an innovative solution to the Sprint Challenge, which is being co-sponsored by South of Scotland Enterprise and Zero Waste Scotland.

Looper has proposed a digital circularity assessment tool and marketplace platform to help local businesses in the South of Scotland realise their circular economy and Net Zero ambitions.

The key aim of the challenge is to contribute to Scotland’s target of being Net Zero by 2045.

It is hoped this can be done by providing a technology-based solution which will help local organisations make informed decisions around potential use and re-use of its resources in new ways, or finding a new use for by-products from another local organisation’s waste stream.

In addition, this is expected to create revenue or money-saving opportunities for local businesses, as well as attract potential investors looking to understand the potential of the region.

The Scottish Government’s CivTech programme looks to drive innovation in the public sector by collaboratively solving problems to make people’s lives better. It operates by offering a series of funded tendered annual ‘Challenges’ to industry to solve problems through a competitive procurement process.

This latest Sprint Challenge builds on the strategic partnership agreed between CivTech and SOSE earlier this year, which aims to provide innovative solutions and positive change within the South of Scotland.

SOSE has already co-sponsored two CivTech Challenges, which provides innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups or established businesses an unprecedented route to develop products the public sector needs.

Yiqiang Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO of Looper said:

“Based on Looper’s existing Artificial Intelligence-powered carbon engine, we believe we can help local businesses quantify the circular economy impact and build a well-connected ecosystem in their drive towards Net Zero.
“We look forward to developing our proposals further with CivTech, South of Scotland Enterprise and Zero Waste Scotland.”

Dr Martin Valenti, South of Scotland Enterprise’s Director of NetZero, said:


“We are delighted to be working with Looper and Zero Waste Scotland on this potentially game-changing CivTech Sprint Challenge.
“An innovative solution is needed to tackle this challenge of how to reuse resources and finding a new use for by-products, which is faced by almost every business and organisation in Scotland.
“Such a solution will provide huge economic and Net Zero opportunities for the South, and potentially the rest of Scotland.”


Helen Lavery, Regional Engagement Partner at Zero Waste Scotland, added:


“Zero Waste Scotland is delighted to be co-sponsors in this CivTech Sprint Challenge.
“Over 80% of Scotland’s carbon footprint comes from all the products and materials that we create, use and then throw away. For this reason, creating solutions that allow Scotland to keep products and materials in use for longer is a key part of Scotland’s Net Zero journey.
“This project supports Zero Waste Scotland’s collaborative, place-based approach to the development of a circular economy in Scotland.
“We are excited to see how the solution will help accelerate the development of localised and innovative models that keep resources within the value chain across rural Scotland.”



About Zero Waste Scotland

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