DGMHA’s Commitment to Staff Wellbeing Amidst the Cost-of-Living Crisis

DGMHA, the cost of living and the importance of staff wellbeing

Over the past year the cost-of-living crisis has affected everyone, DGMHA has seen this as a time where the importance of showing staff how valued they are is of a high priority. Not only by financially trying to make a difference but by ensuring staff voices are heard.

Through working groups where all staff are invited, we have improved our terms and conditions by introducing new policies and amending others, for example adding a “mental health days” policy for staff ensuring they get time for their own mental health and wellbeing where needed.

By changing systems to ensure staff have less paperwork to complete in their already challenging roles we are showing we are listening to comments.

Staff salaries have been increased by 25% over the past 24 months and it is now policy wages are reviewed every April.

Christmas bonus last year was given to all staff in their wage rather than as a voucher, this was 4 times more than previous years.

Now this month all staff received a T-shirt, a water bottle, and a Fitbit Charge 5 Watch, and over the coming year, staff will have the opportunity to take part in Fitbit challenges aimed at improving wellbeing and to team build.

Lisa Todd Regional Service Manager says, “Staff are the core of our service, we want to ensure they know how valued they are as part of DGMHA and will continue to be a priority going forward.”

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