Digital Twin Technology Set To Transform Training In The Care Sector In Dumfries & Galloway

Training in the care sector in Dumfries and Galloway is set to be transformed after a winner of the Scotland 5G Centre’s first Innovation Challenge has introduced digital twin technology, which uses a real-time digital model of a care home.

Plans are also in place to roll out this revolutionary new technology right across Scotland.
The Dumfries-based company Care Reality has developed a virtual reality and
simulated learning platform to improve the quality and access of clinical skills and
competence training for care professionals. The company is working with the Scotland
5G Centre and supported by South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) to showcase the
idea to Scottish Care and NHS Dumfries & Galloway Health and Social Care
Partnership. The software designers, all with healthcare experience, will also listen to
feedback to ensure the ‘digital twin’ includes interventions reflecting what users need to
support them in their valuable work.

The digital twin approach allows educators to help learners test scenarios before trying
them in real-life situations or environments. Care professionals can move around the
home and practice interactions and procedures with avatars within the application. The
scenarios are dynamic and in real-time and will relate to what participants are learning,
for example, educators who are training people on catheter changes can create a
scenario for completion within the simulation.

As well as practice opportunities to build confidence, the platform also provides meeting
zones for learners to share experiences. Care Reality’s innovative platform also creates
the opportunity for hosting virtual training events. With its large rural area and many
remote towns, Dumfries and Galloway provide a potential marketplace for the new

Care Reality is an SME working with the team at Scotland 5G Centre at its hub in the
Crichton Centre in Dumfries to accelerate the adoption of its immersive training
platform. The low latency, speed and capacity for data available from 5G will allow the
team to explore further developments and get the solution market ready.

Ross Toomer, Chief Executive of Care Reality, said:
“5G remote data-streaming will enable a new level of realism and high fidelity within a
standalone VR headset regardless of the user’s physical location. This brings huge
potential for educators who have found it expensive and logistically very difficult to
provide training to large numbers of people over a large geographical area.
“Our new idea enables us to improve patient outcomes through better training and
assessment via increased adoption of immersive technology. Digital twins are already
commonplace in engineering and manufacturing, but the health sector is now beginning
to see how beneficial it is to apply the same principles to the medical world.”
Andrew Todman, Business Development Manager, S5G Connect Dumfries, said:
“Data-driven technology has the ability to transform healthcare practices, and this digital
twin model put forward by Care Reality is new to the sector. I am pleased to see it is
being piloted in Dumfries and Galloway. We are working alongside the team to
introduce them to the right people. We are also using our expertise at the testbed to
help Care Reality better understand the potential for data streaming.
“We hope to help the team get its products market ready to ultimately improve health
and social care delivery.”

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