First Turbine Blades Land In Ayrshire

The first shipment of turbine blades for South Kyle Wind Farm has arrived at Associated British Port’s (ABP) Port of Ayr, marking another milestone for the multi-million-pound renewables project and underscoring Vattenfall’s commitment to support the local economy. 

Eagle-eyed ship spotters will have seen the MV Jaguar sail into Ayr last month, carrying the first batch of 64m-long turbine blades destined for the 50-turbine project now under construction between Dalmellington, New Cumnock and Carsphairn in Dumfries and Galloway.

First wind turbine blades arrive at Port of Ayr

Besides contributing to Vattenfall’s aim of making fossil fuel free living possible within a generation, the South Kyle Wind Farm also aims to maximise local employment opportunities and provide an economic boost to the economy of South West Scotland. The project is also undertaking over £1million of road improvements to facilitate the transport of blades from the harbourside to the development.

From spring, the turbine blades – the first of a number of shipments for the project heading to Port of Ayr – will be transported to South Kyle Wind Farm for assembly on site.

Chris Ranner, Vattenfall’s Turbine Package Manager for South Kyle Wind Farm, said: 

“Vattenfall is committed to ensuring that every feasible opportunity for local businesses is explored and supported. We recognise the important role Port of Ayr plays in the local economy, both in terms of infrastructure and as an employer and contractor. Together with our turbine provider Nordex we were delighted to be able to secure the Port of Ayr as the main entry point for the 150 turbine blades destined for South Kyle Wind Farm. 
“We want to create a pipeline of opportunities for significant investment in local infrastructure, supply chain and job creation. Our proposed wind farm developments at Whiteneuk and Quantans Hill will also make a significant contribution in South West Scotland if consented.” 

Stuart Cresswell, Port of Ayr, Port Manager said: 

The Port of Ayr is one of the main west coast import facilities for wind turbines. ABP has a track record in handling wind turbine components and we are delighted to be playing a key role in yet another energy project. 
Vattenfall has made firm commitments to the local supply chains and with many local contractors staying in local accommodation, visiting local shops and restaurants, the transport of these components through the Port of Ayr will have a positive impact on the local area and economy.” 

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