Focus Motor Store in Dumfries Receives National Award for Going the Extra Mile

Focus Motor Store, located at Terregles St, Dumfries, has been honoured with a prestigious national award.

The Extra Mile Awards, an annual ceremony organized by MotoNovo Finance, recognized and celebrated Focus Motor Store for its exceptional commitment to its customers and the community.

The Extra Mile Awards aim to acknowledge and applaud the efforts of MotoNovo’s extensive network of over 2,000 dealerships. These awards shine a spotlight on dealer partners who go above and beyond, embracing MotoNovo tools to enhance the customer journey and provide outstanding experiences from the initial enquiry to post-sales support.

Ryan Higginson, of the Focus Motor Store team, expressed his joy and gratitude upon receiving the award, stating, “It gives us great pleasure to receive this award, and thank you to MotoNovo Finance for recognizing and celebrating our hard work. This award recognizes organizations that have gone above and beyond for their customers and community!” Higginson further extended his appreciation to every member of the Focus team, acknowledging their hard work and commitment that made this achievement possible.

This accolade not only recognizes the outstanding efforts of Focus Motor Store but also serves as a testament to the dealership’s dedication to providing exceptional service and fostering strong relationships with its customers.

Focus Motor Store, representing Mitsubishi, Kia*, and Suzuki* franchises, has become synonymous with reliability, integrity, and customer satisfaction in Dumfries and the surrounding areas.

Their commitment to going the extra mile for their community has made them a preferred choice for automotive needs.

For more information about Focus Motor Store and its award-winning services, please visit their website https://www.focusmotorstore.com/

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