Action Group Created to Explore Possibilities for Retaining Pinney’s Processing Jobs -Annan

A new multi-partner group is to be set up to explore all options to safeguard the future of the Pinney’s factory, owned by Young’s Seafood, and retain the jobs of the skilled and dedicated workforce.

The group will visit the Pinney’s site next week to meet with Young’s Seafood management to explore a number of options for safeguarding jobs at the site.
This will include options to retain the natural salmon production line at the plant, as well as exploring new market opportunities for retaining a more extensive Young’s presence at the Pinney’s site and, in the event this is not possible, to look at opportunities to attract and secure new investors to the site.

The Group will also develop plans to support the workforce through this period, given concerns that will have been raised for individuals and their families, and to look at the implications for the associated supply chain serving the site currently and impacts on those wider communities in and around Annan.

Scottish Government Business Minister, Paul Wheelhouse, said:
I have had constructive discussions today with the leadership of Dumfries and Galloway Council, colleagues from Scottish Government and our enterprise and skills agencies, PACE officials and industry body Seafood Scotland, around the future of the Pinney’s processing plant ‎and we agreed to leave no stone unturned to safeguard the future of the site and the employment of the workforce.
“As part of these discussions, we agreed to set up an action group, consisting of those partners attending and others such as South of Scotland Economic Partnership, who will work with the management at Young’s to explore all viable options to retain production at the site, with a focus on safeguarding as many jobs as possible. This group will help coordinate information flows to and from, and engagement with, elected members as they help support their constituents to help ensure a Team Annan approach is taken forward by all and our follow-on meeting with many elected members today was very helpful in starting that process.
“While this continues to be a very worrying time for Young’s employees, their families and the wider community, the Scottish Government, our agencies and other local stakeholders, such as Dumfries and Galloway Council, are absolutely committed to working in partnership with Young’s and their workforce and other stakeholders to get a positive outcome. I want to assure all those who are affected by this uncertainty at this time that we will do everything we can to both support them and to help find a solution, and we understand the need to maintain our early momentum.

This follows constructive meetings between Business Minister, Paul Wheelhouse; the leader and deputy leader of Dumfries & Galloway Council; senior officials from the Council, the Scottish Government and its agencies; and Seafood Scotland, the leadership body for the seafood industry. The Minister and Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council met with MSPs, and local councillors following this meeting to brief them on next steps.

Speaking after the meeting, Dumfries and Galloway Council Leader Elaine Murray and Depute Leader, Rob Davidson issued the following statement:


This announcement by Young’s Seafood on Wednesday has been a huge shock to everyone.  Within 24 hours, we had spoken to the Minister for Business Innovation and Energy and agreed that prompt action was essential.
“The officer action group meeting today was a starting point so that a co-ordinated response can be developed involving Scottish Government, Dumfries and Galloway Council, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish seafood, Skills Development Scotland and PACE with the likely future involvement of South of Scotland Enterprise Partnership and the UK Government.  Together, we have identified four workstreams which will progressed simultaneously including:
  • Persuading Young’s to retain natural salmon production in Annan instead of transferring to their plant in Grimsby
  • Looking at attracting inward investment to the site
  • Support for the workforce
  • Mitigating the impact on the wider economy
“Although we are developing our response from scratch, we have substantial support from experienced partners that have all committed to rapid progression with the work we’ve agreed to undertake.
“We are pleased with how the meeting went today and that so many partners came together within less than 24 hours’ notice which illustrates the seriousness of the situation and the commitment from everyone to achieve a resolution which retains as many jobs as possible.
“We’ve known since the announcement was made by Young’s that we need to be in this for the long-haul.  Today we are reassured that our Partners, the Scottish Government and other agencies share our commitment.”


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