GSA Biosphere Appoints Architects For A New Eco Office in D&G

Biosphere office development to get underway in 2023

Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere’s plans for a sustainable office space to house their team has taken another step forward this week with the appointment of architects from Prospus Group, who have a base in Dumfries.

The Biosphere was awarded £1.9 million in funding by South of Scotland Enterprise in 2020 to support the next five years of operations. That partnership continues through the development of the new office in the Biosphere Community of St John’s Town of Dalry, which will secure a Biosphere presence in the village for many years to come.

The design and planning process will get fully underway early in 2023, with the goal of creating a low carbon working space that is sympathetic to the local landscape and an asset to the local community. Design features being explored include outdoor interpretation where visitors can learn more about southwest Scotland’s UNESCO Biosphere designation, and incorporation of a coworking area accessible to local businesses or residents who would usually work from home.

Melanie Allen, Chair of the Biosphere’s Partnership Board, said, “Prospus Group work with multisector clients across the UK delivering innovative and environmentally sustainable designs – exactly what our amazing team needs as the Biosphere moves into its second decade. We are very much looking forward to working alongside Prospus Group architects with the ongoing support of South of Scotland Enterprise, which has been absolutely key in seeing the office project progress.” More information about Galloway & Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere is available at www.gsabiosphere.org.uk, or contact [email protected]

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