Innovative New Internet Service Provider Launches In Dumfries & Galloway

Broadband provider Fibairo have recently launched in the Stewartry region of Dumfries and Galloway after four years of testing and developing a product which can deliver high-speed broadband to UK homes and businesses struggling with connectivity.

This game changing technology repurposes TV frequencies freed up following the switch from analogue to digital TV to deliver superfast connectivity to homes and businesses without the need for a phone line.

The product is now available through Fibairo, and is perfectly suited to rural environments, delivering superfast service over large areas, through trees, around hills, and buildings with ease. This offers an affordable approach, which avoids the cost of complex infrastructure and digging up roads and footpaths to lay fibre.

Director of Galloway Activity Centre, Richard Hermon who was one of the first to benefit from Fibairo’s service said: ‘After struggling for years using BT broadband with less than 0.5Mbps of download speed, our business has been transformed overnight by Fibairo. It is reliable, efficient and we are now consistently receiving in excess of 40Mbps. ‘
Fibairo is a Microsoft airband partner, and a member of WISPA, the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association and is fully compliant with UK communications regulator Ofcom.

The company are a registered supplier for the Scottish Government’s R100 scheme which means that customers with poor broadband who are not part of the planned fibre roll out can access vouchers of up to £5000 to pay for the cost of equipment installation.
The Fibairo team includes, Mark Wheeler, Chief Exec and Chief Operating Officer Mark Kelly were part of the senior team at Sheffield telecoms company Plusnet. The two Marks have worked at the cutting edge of technology and internet service provision for 20 years.

Mark Wheeler said: “With our experience of large ISPs we realised that communities could potentially be left behind by current providers, who could be unable to service vast areas of remote and rural premises through lack of the right technology and business case. We developed this product using the challenging terrain of the Ken/Dee valley with the collaboration of the local community, so it’s only right that we offer our pioneering technology first in Dumfries and Galloway and then look at wider expansion.”

Mark Kelly said: “We are already seeing huge demand for the service and we expect that to grow over the next two or three years. We are getting massive interest from community groups and SMEs. We are getting inquiries from all over the world.”

Mark added: “We’ve made our home here in the Stewartry and plan to roll our network out across Scotland, and key locations in the UK in the next 2 years. As we respond to demand we will need engineers with RF or telecoms experience, sales and support staff in the communities we supply.”

“As a team, we have always tried to innovate and push the internet into environments that are difficult to connect. By leveraging this new technology and applying our legacy ISP knowledge, we plan to scale quickly and provide communities the connectivity they deserve. We have found these communities to be very progressive and forward thinking in their approach, which has made our engagement and collaboration so much easier, and they receive a massive uplift in speed and reliability in return.”

Fibairo is focused on expanding its network across Dumfries and Galloway over the next 6 months. They are starting in the Stewartry and plan to move west towards Stranraer. The team will gather sign ups and expand the network as critical mass dictates.

If you are struggling with poor broadband, please head to fibairo.com to register your interest and the team will keep you up to date with the network role out in your area.

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