CTC Extends Its Training Portfolio With New SVQs & Training Initiatives


CTC has an established reputation in delivering high quality training within the care sector in Scotland and is now entering new territory with the provision of an extended portfolio of SVQs and training initiatives.

Like all businesses, CTC had to quickly respond to the challenges of Covid-19 which for the Dumfries-based business resulted in the swift transition to online learning in 2020. During this time, the team remained focused on meeting the immediate training needs of the Health and Social Care sector, which in itself experienced a surge in demand as a direct result of the pandemic.

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The organisation has continued to evolve and has recently been approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to deliver an extended range of SVQs.

Talking about the transition into new sectors, Ian Seymour, General Manager at CTC said: “It’s been quite a year, but it has also presented us with new opportunities and we are delighted to extend our portfolio, which in addition to SVQs in care, now includes SVQs in business, administration and volunteering. SVQs provide individuals with self-confidence, a professional career plan and the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge within the workplace.  They are a great way for employers to support the professional development of their staff, which not only results in a highly skilled workforce, but also a valued and satisfied team.”

Ian added: “Adding Business and Administration to our portfolio is a significant development for CTC and it will enable us to provide new opportunities and improve prospects for more individuals and businesses. We also know the important role volunteers have in our communities, so by offering an SVQ in Volunteering, we can now help those who give up their time to volunteer gain a nationally recognised award for their efforts.”

Fiona Gleghorn, SVQ lead at CTC said: “It has been a particularly busy time for us taking all of these new SVQ’s through the approval process, but having achieved this, we hope that many sectors, businesses and individuals will benefit.”

In another positive development, CTC has recently been approved to offer Assessor and IV Awards for those who assess and verify the achievements of SVQ students.


CTC has also received funding to embark on a new employability project; Prepare to Care. This initiative will provide those who are unemployed with the opportunity to gain practical work experience and formal qualifications within the care sector with the aim of improving their employment prospects.

Ian added: “Our Prepare to Care project has been in the pipeline for some time and thanks to the support of CEIS Just Enterprise and The Robertson Trust we have now been able to appoint a Project Manager to engage with those who are unemployed and to provide them with the opportunity to gain work experience and qualifications to prepare them for a future career in care.


In response to these developments, CTC has recently recruited two new members of staff to join their team. Sarah Cummings, joins the company as a Business and Administration Assessor, while Sharee Rennie, has been appointed as the new Project Manager for the Prepare to Care project.

Sarah Cummings, Business and Administration Assessor at CTC

Sarah who has 20 years’ experience in the Further and Higher Education sector including business and entrepreneurial development and consultancy, early years, mentoring, PR and Marketing said: “I have always enjoyed working with people to deliver a meaningful and positive learning experience. The most enjoyable thing about being an Assessor is being able to support people to develop their skills and self-confidence, both personally and in a work environment. Being part of their journey and helping them to achieve their goals is extremely rewarding and satisfying.”

Sharee Rennie, Prepare to Care Project Manager

Sharee, who is also a qualified SVQ Assessor, has 20 years of experience delivering and managing various Employability programmes in Dumfries and Galloway.  She said: “I am passionate about supporting those who want to improve their prospects and I look forward to using my experience to support those seeking employment within the Care sector.  Through the Prepare to Care project, I will help candidates gain relevant work experience and voluntary placements within the care sector.  I will also liaise with care providers in the region to identify opportunities and to support the development of future employees. Priority will be placed on projects that foster the inclusion and employability of those with fewer opportunities in the labour market.”


Ian said: “While we remain committed to providing training and qualifications to the care sector in Dumfries and Galloway and throughout Scotland, the provision of new learning opportunities in other sectors strengthens CTC as a local and national training provider.  Having built the foundations of our business around the needs of the care sector, it is our intention to take a person-centred approach to everything we do at CTC and to provide students and partners in all sectors, with a tailored learning experience to help them fulfil their potential. We really do care about what we do at CTC and this won’t change.”

Sharee Rennie has joined the team at CTC to take forward new employability initiatives and to support the launch of SVQs in Business and Administration.

Anyone interested in finding out more about CTC or any of their courses or projects should visit www.caretrain.co.uk or call email: [email protected]



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