Local Free Range Egg Producers Achieve National ‘Best Practice’ Accreditation

Nith Valley Eggs are ever expanding free range egg producers based just outside Thornhill at the heart of Dumfries and Galloway. The woodland farm has leaped from success to success since they began providing the region with top quality free range eggs in 2008.

Nith Valley Eggs are the creative minds behind the innovative egg vending, in multiple locations across Dumfries and are really taking the region by storm. They have recently been granted accreditation by SALSA food association. This is a great achievement for the local egg producers. Gaining recognition from SALSA is an eggcellent step in the right direction for Nith Valley Eggs. SALSA provide the certification for small businesses to assure food safety to customers and that all legal requirements are met. On a more appropriate scale for smaller local businesses that the BRC, Nith Valley have received national acknowledgment for the hard work applied to promote the fantastic quality of their free range eggs.

With 30 acres of woodland at their disposal on the farm, Nith Valley Eggs are highly concerned with the welfare and treatment of the hens. In total the free range egg producers have in excess of 13,000 hens on the unique location of their woodland farm. The need for organisations such as SALSA grew in conjunction with the increasing demand for locally sourced suppliers. Certification from SALSA demonstrates that smaller businesses are meeting the same demands to a more appropriate scale as more commercial, larger companies.

As they continue to grow and grow, Nith Valley Eggs certainly seem on their way to becoming the best egg producers in Scotland!

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