Loreburn Housing Association Celebrate 40 years Of Creating GREAT Places To Live

Loreburn Housing Association, Dumfries & Galloway’s community-based housing association, is gearing up to mark its 40th anniversary this year.

Since it was created, the housing association has been at the forefront of providing innovative housing solutions for communities across south-west Scotland.

Committed not only to provide high quality and affordable housing, Loreburn have continually focussed on doing this in the most environmentally and socially responsible way by creating energy-efficient housing.

Speaking about the milestone anniversary, Lorraine Usher, Loreburn’s Chief Executive, said: “Loreburn has evolved significantly over the last 40 years, as we continue to contribute to the growing need for affordable housing in Dumfries & Galloway. We would not be celebrating our 40-year anniversary without the support and dedication of our communities, Members, partners, our Management Committee and team of dedicated staff, and of course our customers.

“It is an absolute privilege and honour to be associated with Loreburn and to be part of an association which continues to innovate and evolve. It is difficult to see into the next 40 years, however there are sure to be exciting times ahead as we continue to innovate to build homes to high standards and work with our customers to invest in their homes to make them more energy efficient.” At a time when cost of living crisis is impacting on many people, Loreburn have kept celebrations lowkey. However, in commemoration of their 40th year Lorraine, along with Neighbourhood Officers Rachael McCrory and Rachel Kennedy, visited some of Loreburn’s longest standing tenants and presented them with a small gift to celebrate their Loreburn tenancies.

Mrs Bet Hannah, originally from Port William, moved into her home in Brewis Terrace with her late husband in 1989. Her husband was a member of the Loreburn Management Committee and Lorraine enjoyed chatting with Bet about the past.

Speaking about her thoughts and experiences of being a Loreburn tenant for the last 33 years, Bet said: “It is Loreburn’s house, but this is my home. I like where I am, I have everything I need and there is a great community – everyone looks out for each other.

“My husband was one of Loreburn Committee members when they first started out, and he was in the committee for a few years before he passed away. He really enjoyed it.

“Rachael, my Neighbourhood Officer, is great. Loreburn have done everything they could over the years for me and have really invested in my home.” Mrs Jeanette Williams, who moved into her home in Hoddom Court in November 1988, took the time to tell Lorraine and Rachel about some of the changes there have been in the community over the last 34 years.

She said: “I went to school here before the site was turned into houses, so I was in Hoddom Court before it became the Hoddom Court as we know it.

“The one thing that stands out is the people. There have been a lot of people come and go from Hoddom Court which means a lot of new friends have been made.” Mrs Williams went on to say: “I love my home; it is very spacious, and I have two bathrooms which has been great for bringing up a family. We have a lovely private garden, and there is a great community here – we all look out for each other.” Stay up to date with the latest celebratory news from Loreburn by following their Facebook page or visit their website

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