Murray’s Unveils ‘Supreme’ Dog Food Range with Exclusive Introductory Offers

Located on Glasgow Road in Dumfries, Murray’s pet supply store has recently introduced its latest offering – the “Supreme” dog food range.

This introduction holds particular significance for dog owners who aim to provide high-quality nourishment for their furry companions.

Murray’s has also introduced exclusive offers for customers on the range.

The flavours include:

  • Turkey & Rice
  • Chicken & Rice
  • Chicken & Potato
  • Salmon & Rice
  • Salmon & Potato
  • Lamb & Rice
  • Lamb & Potato

Murray’s new “Supreme” dog food range is crafted with a focus on premium ingredients, designed to enhance the overall health and well-being of dogs. The range caters to both young and mature dogs, offering grain and wheat-free options to suit various dietary needs.


Murray’s Dedication to Quality Ingredients

At Murray’s, there’s a fundamental belief in the role of high-quality ingredients in providing optimum nutrition. The “Supreme” dog food range exemplifies this belief by featuring a thoughtfully selected array of premium components that deliver essential nutrients required for a dog’s vitality. This ensures that dogs have the necessary energy for their daily activities, be it playtime, learning, or exploration.


Personalized Nutrition for Your Dog

Recognizing the unique dietary requirements of each dog, the “Supreme” range offers a variety of options tailored to specific life stages, including puppy, adult, and senior formulas. Whether you have a lively young pup or a cherished older companion, Murray’s dog food is designed to cater to their specific needs.


Embracing Sustainability and Responsibility

Murray’s is not just dedicated to providing top-notch nutrition; they also emphasize environmental responsibility. The packaging for the “Supreme” range is eco-friendly, reflecting their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint. This is their way of contributing to the environment that dogs love to explore.


Special Offers

As a token of appreciation for their customers’ trust and loyalty, Murray’s has introduced some tasty promotions:



Free Tub of Pointer Pick n Mix Dog Treats: With each purchase of the “Supreme” dog food, customers receive a complimentary tub of Pointer Pick n Mix dog treats – a delightful way to reward their beloved pets.



Exclusive Discounts for Loyalty Card Holders: Loyalty cardholders can take advantage of exclusive pricing on the “Supreme” dog food range, with a 2kg bag available for just £9.99, a significant discount from the regular price of £12. This is Murray’s way of showing gratitude to its valued customers.


Obtaining Your Loyalty Card


For those who haven’t yet acquired a loyalty card, the process is straightforward and free of charge. Customers can inquire about obtaining one from the friendly staff at Murray’s.

Moreover, whether you have a loyalty card or not, you can still receive the free tub of Pointer Pick n Mix Dog Treats with every purchase.