Organisers Are Being Urged To Focus On Safety For King Charles’ Coronation Events

With people across the county preparing to celebrate the coronation of King Charles, Ansvar is urging event planners to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all involved.


While these events provide a great opportunity for local communities to come together and celebrate, they also carry risks that need to be managed. As a leading insurer for the not-for-profit sector, Ansvar is offering risk management advice to those organising celebrations.


Head of Underwriting at Ansvar, Adam Tier, commented:


“Events marking the coronation of King Charles will be a great opportunity for the nation to unite and honour the occasion. But organisers of local events must be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to risk management and ensure their event is a fun and memorable occasion.”
“Whether it’s a large-scale event attended by thousands of people, or a small street party, it’s important to consider the risks involved to keep everyone safe. It doesn’t matter how much planning you’ve already done – risk assessing now will ensure your event is a success.”

Ansvar understand that it can be a huge undertaking to manage risk, so its team of experts has provided advice and guidance on the best way to ensure an event is safe:

Think of the fundamentals first
Firstly, think about the basics, such as the venue/location and its capacity, date, budget, time needed to plan the event, and where appropriate, ticketing.

Have the right people in place
This includes considering whether marshals are needed to help people enter and leave the event, whether there will be enough volunteers to manage crowd control, and that medical and first aid personnel will be present.

Plan for the unexpected
What would happen if there was bad weather on the day? Have a contingency plan in place for unforeseen circumstances. For smaller gatherings, like street parties where a road has been closed, this could be considering what would happen if there was a medical emergency and an emergency vehicle needed access.

Take steps to mitigate the risks
What could go wrong and how might people get hurt? Once the risks are known, an assessment can be completed and measures put in place. This may include reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries such as slips and trips, providing first aid training, and ensuring large marquees, staging, and audio equipment are installed by experts.

Be compliant
Organisers should ensure their event complies with all necessary local council regulations. This may include providing a risk assessment, having the necessary insurance in place, and permission to close a street for a party. If working with external suppliers, it is the organisers responsibility to check they have the necessary insurances and licences. An insurance broker can provide further guidance.

Protection of money
If cash is being taken to pay for food, drink, memorabilia or for charity donations, it’s vital to ensure there is somewhere secure to store it.

Adam Tier added:

“We encourage all event organisers to work closely with their local council to ensure necessary requirements are met. Taking out dedicated event cover is highly recommended, as this can protect you against accidents and cancellations, and theft of any money. In most circumstances, the insurance will ensure you are compliant with local authority requirements – but if insurance is not yet in place, it’s not too late. We provide brokers with an online portal where forms can be completed and with organisers within a matter of hours.
“We want everyone to enjoy the nation’s celebrations of King Charles’ coronation safely, and for event organisers to be well prepared to manage any risks that might arise.”


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