Facebook’s New Feature: Pages To Watch


Looking for new ways to keep an eye on your competition’s Facebook success?

Then Facebook’s new Pages to Watch feature may be just the ticket for your business. This brand new offering was introduced in August 2013 and is slowly being rolled out to Facebook Page users, and if you are one of the lucky early adopters then this new feature could be a valuable tool in keeping tabs on your competition to find out what is working for them (and maybe what isn’t)


Spy on your competition!


The benefit of this new Facebook tool (that will pop up in the area where your Insight used to be in your Admin Panel) is that it will allow you to track the progress of five or more of your competition’s Pages.

Are your competition luring your customer’s away?


So, when you login to your Facebook Page you would be presented with a little chart of how many Likes each of your competitor’s have gained or lost. This means you can spot any sudden surge of new Likes to a competitors Page. This may be the result of a unique offer, a funny post or an amazing competition that potentially may attract some of your customers away!

Facebook will auto-populate the Pages you select and there’s also a search box, similar to Graph Search, where users can type a competitor’s Page name directly into. Once you’ve identified the Pages you would like to watch, Pages to Watch will show you how many Likes those Pages have gotten, and Facebook will even offer you tips on how to keep up with your competition.

Tip: Don’t assume that your local competition are getting it right. Take time out to find similar businesses elsewhere which may be using Facebook in an amazing way which you could follow.

pages-to-watchIf you already have the Pages to Watch feature and are unhappy your Insight’s graphic has seemingly disappeared, don’t fret. The button for Insights can now be found up the top of your Admin Panel next to Build Audience button.

If you are a busy business owner that doesn’t have time to manually check up on your competition or can’t justify investing in a costly third-party program or app, Facebook’s Pages to Watch is a neat way to keep an eye on your competition.

Will You Give It A Try?


Facebook Pages should reflect what’s going on in any business and Pages To Watch, used correctly, can alert you to much more than just your competition’s Facebook activity.