Planning Your Future – Are Your Ducks in a Row?

December saw a national TV advertising campaign encouraging people to ‘Star the Conversation’ and discuss with loved ones Power of Attorney & Wills. Talking about ones death openly is not seen to be the ‘done thing’ or we presume that our loved ones know our wishes and will act on them but do they have the power to do so?


Hall Baird Solicitors are teaming up with Age Scotland, Stewartry CVS, and guest speakers from St James Place and Ian Bendall Funeral Directors to provide a free information event where people can find out more on how to start planning for some of those unexpected things in life & death. The event is to be held on 26th April  at the Gordon Memorial Hall, Castle Douglas from 2pm to 4pm and includes tea and cake.


“As far as I’m aware this is the first joint venture of it’s kind in the area” Karen Baird, from Hall Baird Solicitors Castle Douglas, goes on to say “We hope that it will be the first of may such events across the region and will get people discussing the ‘what ifs’ with loved ones and preparing a plan that will provide people with the things they need and want at a time when they are unable to do it for themselves.”


As a solicitor Karen has assisted in many situations where she has to help families through the generally lengthy and expensive process of sorting through relatives’ affairs after they are incapacitated or passed away without any formal Power of Attorney or Will.


“ Rather than sit back and wait for clients to come when a problem arises I believe it’s better to be proactive and encourage everyone to start talking with family and formalizing a Power of Attorney and Will at the earliest opportunity” says Karen “It reduces stress for the family during what is usually a very emotional and stressful time, gives you peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order and also saves you time and money.”


For further information please call Hall Baird Solicitors on 01556 502764 or Iain Howie for Age Scotland & Stewartry CVS on 01557 331346.


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