Rowan Glen Commits To Fair Pay & Secure Work

Dumfries and Galloway dairy manufacturer Rowan Glen is celebrating their commitment to fair pay and secure work. The business, based near Newton Stewart, has gained both Living Wage and Living Hours accreditation, ensuring their workers earn enough to live on and benefit from secure and stable working hours.

This commitment demonstrates the importance they place on setting standards for fair work and will see everyone working at Rowan Glen receive a minimum hourly wage of £12 per hour. This rate is higher than the government minimum for over 23s, which currently stands at £10.42 per hour.

Alongside a Living Wage, Rowan Glen commit to providing at least four weeks’ notice for every shift, with guaranteed payment if shifts are cancelled within this notice period. Living Hours employers also provide a guaranteed minimum of 16 hours every week (unless the worker requests otherwise), and a contract that accurately reflects hours worked.

Alan Baxter, Director of Rowan Glen said: “At Rowan Glen we recognise that our dedicated team are central to everything that we do and the overall success of the business. It is therefore important to us to recognise their value by paying a fair wage and ensuring they can achieve a work/life balance. We are delighted to receive the Living Hours and Living Wage accreditations in recognition of our commitment to our team. Our goal is to ensure that Rowan Glen is “more than just a workplace”.”


Jane Morrison-Ross, Chief Executive of South of Scotland Enterprise, said: “This is another great achievement for Rowan Glen and highlights their commitment to putting people first, and being a Fair Work employer.
“Since new business Rowan Glen Ltd reopened the Palnure factory in late 2022, they have gone from strength to strength, now employing around 20 staff and returning their products to a growing number of national supermarkets.
“As an iconic Scottish food & drink brand, in a rural area of the South of Scotland, it is very important that SOSE work with Rowan Glen Ltd. This has included providing guidance during its formation and grant support to purchase the factory.
“For Rowan Glen to now gain real Living Wage and Living Hours accreditation is fantastic progress for the business, which will provide mutual benefits for employees, the organisation and the local area.”


Rachel Morrison-McCormick, Projects Co-Ordinator, Living Wage Scotland said:

“We are delighted to welcome Rowan Glen as both a Living Wage and Living Hours employer. It is great to see Rowan Glen setting an example in the manufacturing industry by taking steps to protect their workers from low pay and insecure work.
This commitment to fair work practices comes at a time when workers need it most.”


Research published by the Living Wage Foundation showed that over 9% of workers in Scotland are in insecure work and paid below the Living Wage. This is approximately 250,000 workers. The Living Hours standard was created to ensure that people have predictable working patterns and income, enabling them to better plan their lives.