Scotland Needs An Industry Recovery Plan Now, Says Scottish Hospitality Group   

Business owners behind some of the country’s top hospitality venues have said Scotland needs to launch an industry-specific recovery plan if it has a chance of recuperating to pre-pandemic levels. 


Following the First Minster’s update yesterday, there is still no clear strategy for the sector that has been so significantly impacted by restrictions over the last 17 months.

UK Government Business Minister Paul Scully launched the UK Hospitality Strategy last month, outlining plans for the three ‘Rs’: reopening, recovery, and resilience, that will support workers back into jobs, focus on training to match the industry’s digital transformation, offer support for rent management and promote the trade internationally to build back.


Now Scottish Hospitality Group members are calling for a similar plan of action north of the border, that encourages employees back into the sector, creates sustainable long-term jobs, improves city centres, and sets out a strategy for futureproofing after extended closures.


Key things SHG would like to see introduced include:

  • Rebuild the sector by creating a regulatory environment that allows businesses to provide jobs, create supply chain demand and invest in new facilities
  • Work with the sector to promote careers in hospitality
  • Restore public faith in hospitality by promoting the quality of Scotland’s pubs, hotels, restaurants, and other venues
    • Recognise the vital role that hospitality businesses play in the health of Scotland’s communities, from city centres to villages, and support them to remain a focal point of local life


Stephen Montgomery from Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway, of Scottish Hospitality Group said: Scotland is moving in the right direction, and we welcome the easing of restrictions, but it needs to go further. We need a recovery plan now that will entice people back into the sector and give them the confidence that they are entering a stable industry again.  
“The lockdown has shown how hospitality can adapt in city centres and we are willing to put our weight behind new ways of operating, but we need support behind us to ensure that there are long-term solutions supported by the country and we are not left on our own again.” 

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