Scottish Hospitality Expert Comments on Latest Scottish Government Covid Restriction Announcements

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In response to the Scottish Government’s updated Levels published yesterday,

Stephen Montgomery, from the Townhead hotel, Lockerbie, spokesperson for the Scottish Hospitality Group, said: “This news will be welcomed by many but it doesn’t change anything for the vast majority of hospitality providers. In fact, we’re more confused than ever at a decision which makes no sense. We’ve argued for a sensible relaxing of the alcohol rules for many months now, so it’s ridiculous that this is only being applied to all-day weddings but not other indoor socialising. You can toast the bride and groom in the function suite but you can’t have a glass of wine on a first date in the restaurant next door.
“We again urge minsters to consider and introduce the very sensible measures we’ve put forward that will allow pubs, hotels and restaurants to begin the long road to recovery while providing safer spaces for socialising. The Scottish Government has confirmed there’s no specific evidence for the restrictions on hospitality so let’s have a bit of fairness for the thousands of people working in the sector.”


Under the new lockdown levels published on the Scottish Government website:

  • Wedding receptions up to 50 people can now have alcohol
  • Outdoors, 6 people from 6 households can meet (up from 6/3)
  • Indoors, 6 people from 2 households can meet (4/2)

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