The Stove Network Launches Online Digital Learning Resource

The Stove Network in Dumfries has launched the second phase of ‘Soap Box’, a digital resource aimed at offering knowledge sharing and upskilling opportunities through informal learning and collaboration with industry experts.

The Soap Box Digital Hub is both a free of charge online content library, which can be accessed and utilised by anyone with access to The Stove Network’s website, and an online community allowing people to connect, converse and create new channels for discussive and collaborative learning.

This second phase of the project follows the success of phase one, supported by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) through the National Transition Training Fund, which saw The Stove Network design and facilitate a series of discussion panels, workshops and one-to-one tutorials hosted by experts in their professional practice. Each of these sessions were aimed at combatting the issues posed by limited opportunities for emerging artists and creatives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

From small businesses to start-ups, freelancers and those curious to find out more about the world of digital media, Soap Box is an accessible space that encourages collaboration and facilitates a democratic approach to learning and provides a platform for professionals to share their knowledge and teach their best practices for success in their respective fields.

Martin O’Neill, Artistic Director at The Stove Network, says:

‘No matter what age you are, what qualifications you have or where you’re at in life, we want to create spaces for people to share, learn and meet with others they may not have ever come across from throughout the country. This is an evolving platform, and we encourage people to get involved and contribute to help shape the future of their online learning experience.’

Soap Box Digital Hub is NOW LIVE on https://thestove.org/soap-box/

Anyone interested is encouraged to sign up to the Soap Box Mailing List to receive information about what’s coming up and how to get involved.

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