Jobs at Risk as Veranova Proposes Closure of Annan Facility

Veranova’s subsidiary, Macfarlan Smith, announced a proposal to close its Annan, UK facility.

Over the last several months, Veranova conducted a review of its manufacturing capacity relative to customer needs and market trends across its product portfolio.

As an outcome of this review, Veranova’s subsidiary, Macfarlan Smith, announced a proposal to close its Annan, UK facility. Macfarlan Smith recognizes the impact this proposal will have on staff at the Annan facility.

Niek Stapel, Veranova’s CEO said “Every effort has been made to avoid proposing the closure of the plant. This was a difficult decision to make which in no way reflects the performance or commitment of our colleagues at Annan.”

The proposed closure is subject to statutory consultation requirements under UK law, around 65 jobs are at risk.

Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell and constituency MSP Oliver Mundell state their thoughts are with the staff at the factory and their families.


They have written a joint-letter to South of Scotland Enterprise to ask if they are in contact with the company and to establish what, if any, options may be available in response to the proposed job losses.


Oliver Mundell said: “History shows that the pharmaceutical industry adjusts and contracts as has been shown at this factory over several decades.
“A great deal of private and public investment has been made on this site over a long period and it is important every effort is made to try to restore employment there for the longer term.”


David Mundell said: “We will be seeking clarity from the company about what has led to this decision and will, of course, contact any agencies that may be able to assist in any way.”

About Veranova
Veranova is a global leader in process development and manufacturing of APIs, with a focus on specialty and complex products. Veranova is headquartered in Wayne, PA and has operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

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