Young’s Seafood Confirms Closure of Pinneys of Annan to go Ahead

In a devastating blow for the people of Annan and the surrounding area Young’s Seafood has confirmed that it will proceed with the closure of the Pinneys site in Annan leading to major job losses in the Dumfries and Galloway town.
Scottish Government Business Minister, Paul Wheelhouse, said:
Today’s confirmation by Young’s Seafood that it will proceed with the closure of the Pinneys site in Annan is not unexpected, but still extremely disappointing and will quite clearly be a bitter blow to the employees, their families and the wider community.
“Despite our best efforts and offers of support to encourage Young’s to retain some production at site it recently became clear that Young’s were focused on extracting themselves from the site to concentrate the natural salmon production on Grimsby. As such, the Scottish Government and our partners in the Action Group will continue to work tirelessly to identify and support any potential new investor to the site. We have held initial discussions with all interested parties and this dialogue will continue over the next few days and weeks in an effort to support more detailed discussions with potential buyers of the site and keep production at the site with the objective of retaining as many jobs as we can in recognition of the economic impact on Annan and the surrounding area.
“In the meantime, our experienced multi-agency Partnership for Action on Continuing Employment (PACE) team are already working hard to support the workforce and we will now accelerate our efforts to find alternative employment opportunities, including the creation of a dedicated jobs fair in the town in the coming weeks. I have seen at first-hand the dedication, skill and motivation of the employees at the site and my colleagues and I are determined to do everything I can to help them through this difficult time, and to maintain employment in the town, and sustain the local economy.

South Scotland MSP Colin Smyth has accused the UK and Scottish Governments of presiding over a ‘jobs crisis’ in Dumfries and Galloway after Young’s Seafood today (31 May) confirmed they will press ahead with plans to close Pinneys of Annan.


The news which comes at the end of the statutory consultation on the closure, will mean around 700 permanent, agency and seasonal workers losing their jobs at the Annan factory and comes on the back of a recent announcement that nearby Edinburgh Woollen Mill were closing their Langholm Headquarters and moving 300 jobs to Carlisle and Arla Foods were axing their packing division at their Lockerbie creamery with the loss of 14 jobs. 


South Scotland MSP Colin Smyth said, “Few will be surprised at confirmation of the closure of Pinneys and most people have long suspected that Young’s were simply going through the motions during the consultation process. However, that does not make this news any less devastating for the families affected or for a community who will suffer a massive economic blow as a result of these jobs losses. With other recent bad jobs news at Edinburgh Woollen Mill and Arla Creamery, it’s clear that a jobs crisis is engulfing the area and the Scottish and UK Governments response has so far been wholly inadequate”.
“The members of the workforce I have had a chance to speak to following the announcement have made clear they don’t want sympathy and words from politicians they want action from Government. The tragedy of this decision is the fact that years of neglect in the areas economy means there are few alternative opportunities for those losing their jobs and both Governments need to wake up to the consequences of that lack of invest in the area’s economy”.
“Clearly discussions will no doubt continue to find a buyer for the site but my understanding is that five of the six companies who made initial enquiries are no longer interested, so we need to see wider action looking urgently at the weaknesses in the local economy and putting the investment in place to grow local businesses and attract new one so the area. ”
Following the closure confirmation  by Young’s Pinneys of their Annan factory Dumfriesshire Clydesdale and Tweeddale MP David Mundell said: “This is absolutely devastating news for Annan and the wider community.  The fact we have been expecting it does not lessen the blow in any way.
“Pinneys’ 450 staff have worked hard and been loyal to the company for many years. 
“Young’s Seafood can’t just walk away, they have a responsibility ‎to do everything they can to support those who are losing their jobs — including through opportunities at their scampi plant and in helping to find a future for the Pinneys site.
 “I will be meeting workers over the next few days and I will continue to work with the Scottish Government and local authority to do all we can to secure a future for the plant.”
Mr Mundell added: “‎The Pinneys workforce have really shown their mettle during this dreadfully difficult time.  We owe it to them to fight on for the best possible outcome.”


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