A Future for Minnigaff Park and Pavilion

Cree Valley Area Development Trust are conducting a Feasibility Study that will enable a long-term and sustainable approach to the use of recreation park and pavilion site in Minnigaff as an essential community space.

Be part of this research by completing a short online survey using this link bit.ly/3R4rJgN by 30th September 2022.

This study will help provide essential community information as the Trust consider a community asset transfer from Dumfries and Galloway Council.  The site includes playing fields, a band stand area, MUGA and carpark.  The small changing pavilion has a clubhouse, kitchen area, meeting room, toilets and changing rooms that community groups use.

The Trust is working with Community Enterprise to facilitate this Feasibility Study for the site with the aim of it being used as a community resource run by the Trust is an asset transfer goes ahead and the research will help set a clear plan as to how to move forward with this.

Our aspiration is to evolve the site into a new community hub that will offer a range of facilities to a wide variety of people and groups.  This may include sport but can also serve young people, walkers, cyclists and activities that will make a huge difference across the whole of the Cree Valley communities.

To find out more about the Cree Valley Area Development Trust please contact Julie Smithers on email [email protected].

To request a paper copy of this survey or if you need any help please call Lynda on 07898 983 931 or email [email protected].

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