Aberlour Children’s Charity Seeks Critical Donations For Families In South Of Scotland

  • Aberlour Children’s Charity is launching a new national ‘Poverty Relief Appeal’ on Monday, 14th November to secure donations for its Urgent Assistance Fund
  • The Fund, which provides cash for essentials such as food, bedding, clothing and heating, is currently closed to new applications due to extreme demand during the cost-of-living crisis
  • In the last eighteen months, the Fund has awarded over £82,000 to struggling families in the South of Scotland


Aberlour Children’s Charity, one of the largest Scottish children’s charities, is launching a new national fundraising drive to secure critical donations for its Urgent Assistance Fund, which provides vital financial support to the most disadvantaged families in the South of Scotland.


Following the Covid-19 pandemic and amid the cost-of-living crisis, the charity has had to close the Fund, which delivers cash grants, typically within 48 hours, for essentials such as food, clothing, and energy costs, to new applications.


Over 12,000 people across Scotland have received grants from Aberlour worth £1.44 million since April 2021.


In Aberlour’s South Scotland region, which includes South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders, 201 grants have been made since April 2021, supporting 696 individuals.


The average grant value awarded is £412.12, and the most requested item which families are seeking to buy with grants from the Urgent Assistance Fund in the region is for clothing, followed by food, money towards utilities bills and then bedding.

Aberlour’s new Poverty Relief Appeal launches on Monday, 14th November across national TV, radio, press and digital.


The TV advert follows seven-year-old ‘Emma’ whose normal family life is turned upside down as they struggle to cope with the financial pressures of the cost-of-living crisis. We see an empty wall where a radiator once stood followed by an empty plate once filled with nutritious food, and, eventually, Emma looks into a bedroom with no bed as she prepares for another night sleeping on the floor.


SallyAnn Kelly, Chief Executive at Aberlour Children’s Charity, said: “This is one of the most challenging periods families have faced in decades and Scotland’s poorest children face a dark, cold winter. The worst-off families in our communities can simply no longer afford to put the lights on, heat their homes, put food on the table, or buy basic necessities for their children such as a bed or bedding.
“Every penny donated to Aberlour goes directly to families and our Urgent Assistance Fund has been a vital means to many. However, the reality is that we are only able to help one out of four existing applications and, unfortunately, the Fund is now closed to new applications until we can secure more donations.
“Christmas is a time when families struggle more than any other. As the cost-of-living increases daily, the impact could be devastating, and we are asking anyone that is in a position to contribute – however big or small the amount – to donate via our website to support those in need.”


Tracy Hall, Service Manager for Sustain, a family support service set up in 2019 by Aberlour with Scottish Borders Council, added: “The biggest issue facing families we work with in the Scottish Borders currently is the mental wellbeing of parents which has a natural impact on their children. This has been compounded with increased financial worries brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and now the cost-of-living crisis.
“Some of our families have been told their energy bills will increase by £1,000 and for many, this is just not feasible. It is a decision between eating and heating. Parents are proud people, and to not be able to supply basic necessities for their children is utterly heart-breaking. Aberlour’s Urgent Assistance Fund makes a direct impact very quickly, so raising further donations for the Fund during these challenging times is vital.”


Aberlour’s Urgent Assistance Fund can provide immediate relief to families with children (aged 21 and under) who are suffering extreme hardship. Money is paid straight to families who apply via a sponsor (health professional, social worker, teacher, third sector organisation, clergy or other professional).


Donations to Aberlour’s Urgent Assistance Fund via: www.aberlour.org.uk/povertyrelief


Information on the Urgent Assistance Fund: www.aberlour.org.uk/get-help/urgent-assistance-fund

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