Campaigners Issue Plea To Public To Attend Meeting To Save Kirkcudbright Hospital

The Save Kirkcudbright Hospital Action Group (SKHAG) has been established in the town to try to ensure that  residents of Kirkcudbright and the surrounding area come forward to express their views about the hospital and the future of integrated care in the Stewartry area as part of the consultation being undertaken by the Dumfries and Galloway Integrated health and care board.

The Kirkcudbright meeting is being held at the Council Offices in Daar Road Kirkcudbright from 1.00-6.00 on Monday 13th February and is being run as a drop in session, local residents are being urged to attend or make their views known via the link provided on posters that have appeared around the town courtesy of the SKHAG.

Action group spokesperson  Geoff Dean says “the services that were provided at Kirkcudbright Hospital prior to lockdown due to COVID are sorely missed , entailing long and sometimes difficult
journeys , particularly our elderly residents. We need to ensure local people voice their concerns and views at the upcoming consultation.
Local people are facing the same issues as people elsewhere , shortage of local care and medical beds that are needed for an integrated approach to providing services to those most in need.
This situation is not a temporary one , we believe, therefore planning for future long term need is vital and should include all services from care at home, in the local community and through to  local hospitals.”
Campaigner Mary Mier came up with the idea for the group, she says “ This is the opportunity for local people to share their personal experiences, ideas and opinions, as well as showing how health and care needs now and in the future can be best provided locally”
Local Councillor ,Dougie Campbell has supported the action group in it’s early days and added “ Integrated Health and social care previously provided by the hospital really matters to local people.
I hope the NHS will engage positively with the group and listen to their concerns and the case for securing the long term future of the hospital.
I know that many of the people I represent will support the campaign and I hope their voices will be heard through the cation group and a meaningful consultation process”.


The SKHAG has received good support from the Kirkcudbright Hospital League of friends and local community councils .

The group feel the consultation process has not been widely advertised and have been left with short notice to raise awareness of the consultation. Nor has the process been very clear to locals .

After the session on Monday 13th Februarry at the Council Offices, the group will consider next steps in their aim to ensure the best possible services are delivered as closely as possible.