Carers Tea Party Shines a Light on Unpaid Carers in Dumfries & Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre’s Lifeline Support Empowers and Recognizes Carers in the Community

In a celebration of Carers Week, the Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre hosted a series of events across the region, culminating in a remarkable Carers Tea Party. These events aimed to honour the invaluable contributions of unpaid carers in the area, providing them with opportunities for connection, respite, and recognition.

The Carers Tea Party, held at the Cairndale Hotel on Thursday, June 8th, brought together over 90 carers, staff, and board members, creating a supportive space for carers to gather and celebrate.

Supporting Carers Across the Region: Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre
Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre has been a beacon of support for anyone caring for a friend or relative throughout the region for nearly three decades.

With a dedicated team of 25 staff members, their services range from one-on-one support to organizing community events.

In celebration of Carers Week, the Carers Centre hosted a variety of events right across the region.

These events included a Garden Tour and Lunch in Stranraer, Afternoon Tea in Newton Stewart, Garden Tour in Castle Douglas, and a Museum Tour and Lunch in Annan.

These events, along with the Carers Tea Party, served as a testament to the center’s commitment to recognizing, supporting, and empowering carers in the community.

Taking a Break and Building Networks
The Carers Tea Party offered a well-deserved break for carers who often put their own needs on the back burner.

It provided a golden opportunity to meet fellow unpaid carers from different parts of the region, fostering connections and expanding their support networks.

In a society where carers sometimes fail to recognize themselves as such, events like these encourage them to identify as carers and access the available support services.

Voices of Carers: Fiona Wilson’s Story
Among the attendees was Fiona Wilson, an unpaid carer, sharing her experience of caring for her youngest son, Nathan.

Fiona emphasized the Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre as her lifeline, the first point of contact for any issues or need for support.

The event provided her with a precious respite from her caring role and the chance to meet others who shared similar experiences. It was a reminder that the centre’s services extended beyond caregiving support, also providing assistance for carers’ individual needs and well-being.

Fiona highlighted the significance of events like the Carers Tea Party, which offered unpaid carers a break from their responsibilities and an opportunity to connect with fellow carers in the community. Her story underscores the impact and value of the Dumfries and Galloway Carers Centre in supporting carers like herself.