Children Have a Very Merry Christmas at the Devil’s Porridge Museum

The Devil’s Porridge Museum at Eastriggs in Dumfries and Galloway, got in the Christmas spirit this weekend and hosted its annual festive party for children and young people. 

Over thirty children attended and they looked brilliant in their Christmas jumpers and party dresses.  The Museum was decorated by its resident elves (Museum volunteers and staff) who did a great job entertaining the children with traditional games such as pass the parcel, musical chairs and dress people up as a snowman (using toilet paper!)  There was also food and a visit from Santa who brought gifts for all the children.

The event was well attended and everyone had great fun.  Chairman of the Museum, Richard Brodie commented “It was a great privilege for the Museum to host this important community event. Even Santa told me it was one of the best parties that he has attended. A big thanks to all the staff and volunteers who made it a big success.”  Happy Christmas one and all!

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