Corsock & Kirkpatrick Durham Communities Benefit From Micro Grants

Corsock & Kirkpatrick Durham Community Council Micro Grants – First round of funding awarded

Temporis Capital, the owners of Blackcraig Windfarm, make an annual payment of £2,000 to the neighbouring Community Councils to support good causes. This month, Corsock & KPD Community Council made their first round of awards through the Micro Grant Scheme, awarding more than £1,100 to 5 projects in the area.

The awards made were:

Kirkpatrick Durham Recreation Association – £300 contribution to the running costs of the popular KPD Bothy and recreation ground.

Knockvennie Community Hall – £150 towards energy efficiency improvements in this hall which now hosts 2 snooker tables (Would you like to book this Snooker Hall? Contact Andrew Pyle on )

Corsock Village Hall – £240 towards improvements to the Hall website, () which is used by a variety of local groups

Corsock Kids Club – £350 towards a series of activities and event, open to young people from across the community council area

Springholm Primary Parent Council – £100 contribution towards equipment to restart the Bumps and Babies weekly group in the school

Corsock & Kirkpatrick Durham Community Council Treasurer, Julian Cusack, said:

“Many thanks to all that applied for funding. This award of over £1,100 to 5 projects will provide a real benefit to the people of the area. Our thanks also go obviously to Temporis Capital for the funding. We aim to run another funding round this year, with approximately £800 still to award. Applications are welcome for grants of up to £500 for organisations and £250 for individuals. The application form is available online (here: ) with details on how it should be returned, with an application deadline of 29 February 2020.”